Kundali Upcoming storm Raabta Atharv returns Zee Snips

Kundali Upcoming storm Raabta Atharv returns Zee Snips

Kundali Upcoming storm Raabta Atharv returns Snips Karan gets helpless when he finds no other option in front of him to get Preeta out of the jail. He recalls his big promise that Preeta will get a clean chit from the court. He doesn’t find this getting possible. He knows Mahira is insecure and also angry at Preeta. He doesn’t think she will help him, but he tries hard to use his charm on her. He asks Mahira if she thinks that he won’t marry her after Preeta gets released. Mahira really thinks so. She is afraid that Karan will run back to Preeta.

Karan tells her that he will strike a deal with her, if she gives her statement that Preeta isn’t involved in her accident, then he promises to marry her soon. Mahira gets surprised by his promise. He asks her to just rescue Preeta, who doesn’t deserve to be there. Mahira gets compelled to agree to him, since she madly loves him. She wants to marry Karan. Sherlyn advises Mahira against it. She wants Preeta to get rotten in jail.

Karan’s deal will bring a new storm in Preeta’s life. Preeta didn’t know his promise is limited to just her rescue. She was hope for their union, with Karan’s acceptance. Karan lands himself in big trouble by making a senseless sacrifice.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani manages to surprise Malhar once again by handling Sampada. She is glad that she won’t be separating from Malhar again. Malhar tells her that he will always love her. They get another shock. Atharv gets back to trouble Malhar and Kalyani. He gets his memory back. He was being a great support for Kalyani when he lost his memory and became a child. He now turns evil when he recalls his enmity with Malhar and Kalyani. He tells that he will not spare them now. Atharv joins hands with Sampada again. Malhar promises Kalyani that they will always be together.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Akshat is playing a drama to keep Guddan away. He romances Antara and upsets Guddan a lot. Antara acts close to him. She tells her that her long wait is over. Akskat reminds Antara that they are just playing a drama for a purpose. She tells him that she is happy that he threw a party for her. She hugs him. He warns her to stay away, since she is a divorcee. He reminds that they aren’t in a marriage relation. He tells that he just wants to play the drama in front of Guddan. He wants to hurt Guddan.

Kasauti Starplus Accident twist


  1. Kundalini bhagya wow what a twist and turn all mambo Jambo can’t you now atleast move to second level of showing how will preeta entry be in luthra house and what blast will happen with sherlyn and preeta ??? Hats of to evil pple they always win and dumboo preeta always cry bby like her mother sarla she not bold like pragya who always fights for her rights ??. Stand up preeta aurara and be lawyer for your self and bring out sherlin truth out to luthras and marry Rishab. ?

  2. The serial is so senseless The female and male lead is so dumb and stupid. That idiot karan always supports preeta as perhis mood. I dont understand what the hell are they trying to show us That preeta expect karan to save her. I dont know what problem he has with preeta
    What has she done. He is allowing sherlyn to stay with rishabh even after knowing that she is pregnant with some other person child I wonder how this drama manages to rule the trip charts.

  3. There are about 8 to 10 people living in the same house …..but nobody can hear or see what’s happening…truly amazing how the serial are portrayed as if everyone is stupid…

  4. I am so lost in this foolishness it’s so stupid, I think karan teal wife don’t want preeta and him to be together that’s why all this nonsense “””


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