YRKKH Chahatein Starplus Upcoming Spoiler Snips

YRKKH Chahatein Starplus Upcoming Spoiler Snips

YRKKH Chahatein Starplus Upcoming Spoiler Snips Kartik and Naira spend good time with Kairav. They realize that Kairav is scared of something. They become clowns and dance. They try to end Kairav’s fear of ghosts. They put Kairav to sleep. Also, Kartik and Naira take care of Trisha. They try to find out who is responsible for Trisha’s state. He fixes a board to put the alphabets and know the name of the culprit. Lav and Kush are much scared of Kartik and Naira’s wrath. They know Kartik and Naira won’t spare them if their crime gets known. There will be many twists with the huge revelation.

Gopal blesses Yuvraj for his marriage decision. Prisha and Rudraksh get married in the jail. Rudraksh swaps the groom in the last moment. He gets Yuvraj kidnapped. He injects Yuvraj and faints him. He takes Yuvraj’s place in the mandap. He marries Prisha by deceive. He wants to take revenge on her. Yuvraj shouts to Rudraksh to stop. He gets freed after much difficulty. Rudraksh completes the marriage rituals. Yuvraj scolds Rudraksh and exposes his truth. Prisha is much shocked that she has married Rudraksh. Rudraksh is mistaken of Prisha’s truth. He has taken this step to get Saransh. Yuvraj asks the pandit to stop the marriage.

Pandit tells them that the marriage is completed. Yuvraj tells that he is the groom, how can the marriage happen. Gopal and Vasu ask about the groom. Yuvraj tells that he doesn’t know. He removes the sehra and sees Rudraksh. Prisha is much sad that she lost her love, Yuvraj and also the hope to get saved from the punishment. She is worried for Saransh. Saransh is happy that Rudraksh has become his dad. Rudraksh wants Prisha to get hanged and die. He wants to raise Saransh alone. Saransh asks him to save Prisha for the sake of his happiness. Rudraksh tells Prisha that Saransh is unlucky that she is his mother.

He tells that he will get Saransh, and she will be dying soon. He reprimands her for agreeing to marry Yuvraj in the jail for Saransh’s trust fund. Yuvraj is much angered that his plan failed badly. He has lost Saransh’s trust fund. Gopal is much worried for Prisha’s future. He asks Yuvraj to save her from death punishment. Yuvraj lost everything and is not interested in saving Prisha.

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