Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Latest Amber Guneet secret date meet

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Latest Amber Guneet secret date meet Guneet struggles to know her feelings. She is in dilemma thinking whom to choose, Anurag whom she met and who is ready to be committed to her, and her chat friend who is not ready to meet her. Anurag realizes that he has to put a lots of time in his relationship, more than love. He regrets that he failed in his previous relationship. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistake and regret again. He wants his relationship with Guneet to work. He promises her to give her time, love and respect. He wants to be true to her and also keep her trust. He expects the same from her. Guneet is troubled since she is hiding about her chat friend. She is thankful to him for sharing his feelings.

Amber sees Anurag and Guneet standing together on road. Nia and Amber play the cards. Nia says you have spoiled the cards. Amber says it comes with two extra card and can be replaced. Nia asks him why doesn’t he make new card for himself. She adds, I know that someone is there in your life. She asks what happened, why is he afraid? She encourages him to give his life a second chance, which he surely deserves.

Amber decides to meet his chat friend after getting approval from Nia. Nia wants Amber to move on in his life. Guneet gets happy when he fixes meeting with her. She books the table for them in the hotel. He comes there wearing suit and bouquet in his hand for the meeting and sees Baawra Mann as Guneet sitting on the table. He gets shocked and hides from going in front of her. Guneet messages him asking where is he? Amber thinks what to reply. He fights with his emotions seeing Guneet.

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