Kahaan Hum Starplus Leap Ronakshi separation tear flood

Kahaan Hum Starplus Leap Ronakshi separation tear flood

Kahaan Hum Starplus Leap Ronakshi separation tear flood Sonakshi meets with a deadly accident. She gets hit by a speeding truck. Mahesh watches her accident and runs away. He gets unexpected and doesn’t save her life. He feels he will get caught by the police if he takes her to the hospital. The truck driver is drunk. He fears that police will punish him. He sees Sonakshi’s face. His friend identifies her as a famous tv actress. He advises the driver to escape else they will be in jail for long term. The driver doesn’t want his drunken driving to get known. He flees from the spot, leaving Sonakshi helpless in a critically injured state. Rohit misses Sonakshi and cries for his big mistake. He gets too drunk.

He tells that he had no option than to secure Sonakshi’s life this way by sending her away from his worthless and thankless family. He wants Sonakshi to move on and stay happy, far from Sippys. He feels like Sonakshi is much hurt. He shouts her name. He hallucinates and sees Sonakshi telling him about her emotional leaving. He gets worried when she tells that she will never come back to him. He tells her that he loves her a lot and doesn’t want her to go away. He pleads to her to stop. She goes out of his sight, signifying her soul leaving the world. Rohit gets terrified with the thought. He turns more shocked when she disappear.

Nishi finds him overdrunk and asks him if he has turned into a drama king once his wife is out of the house. She taunts him for his drunken drama. She asks him not to be mad. Rohit criticizes her for being a devil in disguise. She tells him that Sonakshi never deserved to become a Sippy. She wants to celebrate Sonakshi’s accident. He tells her that he will not give her reason to celebrate right now. He tells that Sonakshi will always be in his heart, even if he made her away. He doesn’t want Nishi to rejoice. He counts her crimes. He tells that he will not harm her, since she is able to control Naren’s pacemaker. He doesn’t want Nishi to threaten Naren or Veena.

He decides to harm himself, ruin his own life and career to disappoint the entire family. He wants them to know Sonakshi’s worth in his life. He regrets that Sonakshi truly loved him and he couldn’t respect that. He tells Nishi that entire family insulted Sonakshi and now he will bring disgrace for himself by ruining his future. He promises to protect Sonakshi and her happiness. He wants to hurt himself and make Sonakshi’s life better. He asks Nishi to wait and watch. She gets speechless. She feels hurt to see his state. She gets informed by Mahesh about Sonakshi’s huge accident. Mahesh tells her that he has run away to save himself, and maybe Sonakshi is dead.

Nishi is much happy to know that both Naren and Sonakshi are out of her way. She asks Mahesh not to call her again until the news gets confirmed. She wants to stay safe. She thinks she can acquire the property easily now. She celebrates her huge win. On the other side, Pari and Ajit fail to find Sonakshi. They inform Suman that they failed to track Sonakshi. Suman panics and wishes Sonakshi is fine. She calls the police.

She reaches Rohit and slaps him. She yells at Veena for treating Sonakshi like dirt and throwing her out of the house. She questions Rohit about Sonakshi. She tells that she will not accept this. Rohit reveals his divorce decision. Suman shouts on his weak move. She asks him if he has lost his mind to blame Sonakshi for infidelity.

She reminds him the promises he made to Sonakshi and them. She also rebukes Veena for her sudden negative side. Veena further insults Pari for breaking her family. She tells that both Pari and Sonakshi are the worst, they have ruined Sippy family in their own ways. Suman knows to answer Veena. Nishi intervenes to take the argument higher. She doesn’t leave the chance to insult Sonakshi. Veena and Nishi want Suman out. Veena speaks in an insulting tone. She disappoints Rohit a lot. Suman raises hand on Nishi. Yash stops and threatens her.

Suman gets enough of the humiliation. Rohit can’t tolerate the insult and acts rude. He asks Suman to never come back to his house. Rohit learns that Sonakshi is missing. He goes to find her. He checks at many places. A milk vendor comes in front of the car to take help for Sonakshi. Rohit doesn’t want any delay in his search. The man doesn’t let him go away. He stops Rohit’s car some how. Rohit beats him in anger. The man seeks his help and tells about Sonakshi. Rohit can’t believe that she met with an accident. He asks the man to take him to Sonakshi. Rohit comes across the shocking sight of Sonakshi, lying in the pool of blood.

Sonakshi is critical. Rohit realizes the level of her injuries and the harm already done. He is much shocked but reacts like a sensible doctor. He rushes Sonakshi to his car and makes the milk vendor inform Suman about the accident. He makes arrangements at his friend’s hospital instead Sippy hospital. He gets the best surgeons for Sonakshi’s treatment. Rohit doesn’t want anyone to know about his help. He sends her for the operation. He is much broken by guilt. He feels responsible for Sonakshi’s accident. He prays that Sonakshi gets saved.

Rohit stays away from Rastogis. He cries on his ill fate. He watches Sonakshi’s condition. He requests the doctor to not name him in front of Rastogis. Doctor informs him that Sonakshi is stable now. Doctor lies to Suman about someone admitting Sonakshi. Rohit tells some random name to cover his identity. He is much shattered after losing Sonakshi from his life. Sonakshi recovers from her accident. She loses trust on love. She excludes Rohit from her life. Rohit and Sonakshi suffer a painful separation.

Best Comment by PRIYA:

This is getting so melodramatic. I thought this serial would have something different for viewers but little did I know that this would also turn out to be same daily soap drama. Why can’t the writers be real and write positive scripts. High time the team realize that this is not viewers want and bring the track back to a normal one.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kahaan Hum Starplus Leap Ronakshi: 1/5
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  1. I love Rohit and Sonakshi s acting ! Rohit ( Karan ) is just amazing. However the track is beyond repair . Why are they showing that one can get away with murder in.these shows ? I want to see Ronakshi together like many of the fans . Hopefully all this kichidi and mess will end soon . Anyways will wait and watch this week

    • Well I’m not going to watch this show until that Veena Sippy fake mother (both to Rohit and Sonakshi) apologizes to Sonakshi. Awful unrealistic track. It’s a true test of viewers’ patience. Well I am not going to put up with this Ekta Kapoor style track where problems never get solved!

    • Please yeh alag hone ka scene aur alag karvane ka isse yahi pe khatam kejiye. Har serial mein yahi kahani. Thak chuke hai. Kuch alag dekhiye. Jab sub kuch modern isaab se dikhare hai toh maa beta ka emotional black mail kahan si aagayi. Shadi karte samay kisi ki nhn sune, Ab yeh kyun. Please tashan dikhaye jo sacch hai, sacch hai. Sacch ke siva kuch bi nhn. Please show practically not a theoretical. Zamana badal gaiya hai.

  2. Dont like the track of separation n change of mood for love. Love z the only thing which can eliminate hatred n achieve many things in life. But I wanted ronakshi to be much much stronger to fight back nishi with smartest plan without this divorce drama. Dont like it. Makers r doing blunders..I can only say.

    • Exactly! I actually thought that like all previous tracks in the show this will also get solved quickly. I actually thought that the whole this was a smart move by Rohit and Sonakshi. Stupid makers seriously! Bored beyond words!!!!

  3. WHAT THE SHIT! Same as earlier saas bahu drama .I thought this time it would be mysterious but still predictable. IN starting the serial entertained us in a huge way but now i don’t even like to watch any of the episodes.

  4. Come on guys!!! Separation and divorce, these two are NOT the solutions to solve any family matters. Love is the true healing balm to any negativity in life. For once show that true love can conquer anything. Don’t weaken a relationship between two people only because the family members is against one person. Please bring by Rohit and Sonakshi together again and let them both fight against the family and sort out the family matter. Hey creative writers, we as viewers want something good and different to watch!! We want to watch goodness happening in a TV series and not revenge…

  5. This is going into another drastic extreme change , let’s get a bit more practical why so much of negativity all of the sudden, thought this serial would be different as when I started watching I love the treatment / more cool approach but now it’s a daily soap drama , for god sake cut the carp , enough of this melodrama, get a grup guys .

  6. BBAAKKWWAASSSSSSSSSSSS TRACK GOIN ON wat r u guys doing ruining the whole serial Kash sab ke samne Sach AATA love would win then nareen wud cum under senses n then mazaa ata ….but this seperation is such a stupid move….u r trying to show that a girl an actress is bichari n this is an image a actress carries then no one LL allow their girls to opt for this profession bus Karo yaar plz show hw ronakshi back fires nishis plan n he she’s left pennyless

  7. Too much drama…I thought this will be some sensible show…but I ultimately it completely turned into typical saaa bahu Ekta kapoor drama …Highly disappointed ..

  8. Please change the track, this show was different from others but now it’s same like Ekta’s Drama.
    High voltage drama is boring now.

  9. Veena sippy i hate her 100 million times n we all hate her 1000 million times ?????? she is just rubbish veena sippy we hate her we hate her we hate her so selfish mother

  10. Seriously who written this script. You are proving this profession wrong through this show and that this profession is not good. This has a very wrong effect on Common people who dream. And in this big celebrities and great actresses are insulted.Please stop accusing that a professional is dirty.?????

  11. Same old drama like all serials there is vamp in family and she separates the leads hero heroine and same story goes on and on at least change ur ideas………………kich Alag Karo……

  12. I really getting disappointed for Ronakshi divorce and sad to see sonakshi in a revenge taker side this really doesn’t suit to her character so please. end this story in a good climax

  13. Really,I have lost interest in watching this melodrama. At the beginning,I was really enjoying the show but after sonakshis wedding,the show is only behind her in laws woes and blames.please stop this melodrama.its high time otherwise the trps would go down further and no one would watch it anymore.

  14. Absolutely right…..There is a limit to everything.Having said that one can’t deny the acting prowess and histrionics of both Karan and Dipika….Great actors and deserve all awards

  15. Is pyar ko Kya naam doon mein arnab kabhi Khushi ko is tarha se chora tha phir waise kuch serials mein track aaplog q nai daalte hain.plzplz plz yeh alag hone ka track khatam kardo.

  16. Really not done with the on going tract. Separation is not the solution. People watch serials and it does influences many people’s day to day life. Don’t feed minds of viewers with such negativity. You are also making life of many girls difficult who are thinking of, or are in acting profession. You’ll had started Rohit Sonakshi relation based on acting.. asking Sonakshi to act to be his girlfriend. Now too in their problem you’ll could have done the same. Instead of Rohit agreeing with Nishi’s demand. He could have told Sonakshi the truth and ask her to act to show problems between them just to fool Nishi. You’ll have smartly shown mobile use for Nishi. But the same could have been done for Sonakshi. In today’s life even a five year old child knows how to use mobile. And can use mind in recording secretly what people talk. This could have helped Sonakshi to expose Nishi. You guys show only Nishi is smart.. rest all have no brains.. please be realistic.


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