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Beyhadh Past Shocker Recap Rishi’s death mystery out Maya lives a troubled life, all because of Mrityunjay. She got cheated by Mrityunjay’s friends as well. Sudhir and Dia also backstabbed her trust. Maya was more in shock when Antara lies to her and promises justice. Maya had revealed Mrityunjay’s horrible side to Antara. Antara acted to help her and sympathized with her, just to hand her over to Mrityunjay again. Antara, Mrityunjay and Dia tried their best to kill Maya and her baby. Antara regarded Maya just like dirt in her house. Mrityunjay had hurt Maya once again, just because of the wicked women in his life.

Back in present, Antara feels Mrityunjay is her pride. Maya confronts her for her lies. She wants Antara to now treat her like a Bahu. She teaches a lesson to Antara and breaks her pride completely. Maya makes Antara fall in her feet. She has become Rudra’s wife and also claims her rights in Roy house. She doesn’t want anyone to treat her like a dirt. She forcibly takes Antara’s blessings. Rudra reaches them and reveals to Antara that Maya saved her life when she fell inside the bath tub. Antara realizes that Maya tried to kill her. Maya tells Antara that she will never leave her. She doesn’t want to spare her enemies. Rudra is sure that Maya will win hearts.

Maya acknowledges their old relation, since women can understand each other’s love. Maya puts Antara in the past moment by repeating her words. Antara recalls being wicked towards Maya. Maya had been cheated by Mrityunjay’s staff as well. Mrityunjay had ordered his driver to kill Maya and her child. Maya remembers MJ’s driver Jogi who advised her to abort the baby and run away from MJ’s life so that she doesn’t get tracked by MJ. Maya didn’t wish to leave Mrityunjay so soon. She had tried hard to win him.

The flashback reveals the scene about Mrityunjay confronted by the media about his affair. Antara threatens Mrityunjay that she will take her sons away if this matter gets known. Mrityunjay accepts about his affair in front of the media. He them trashes the rumors and names it rival’s stories. He denies the truth. He wants to get rid of Maya forever, since the news is spreading. He asks his friend to kill Maya. Maya wants courage to make a last try. She fears to tell the truth to her family. She doesn’t wish to bring disgrace. She seeks help from Jogi. She decides to not kill her baby. Jogi learns that she is at home.

Mrituyunjay sends his friends to threaten Maya. Maya goes with them to save her family from the danger. She feels she is meeting them for the last time. She bids an emotional bye to her family. She realizes that even Jogi cheated her badly. She doesn’t expect anything else from the fraud league. She falls in grave danger and saves her life by much difficulty. Unfortunately, she loses her baby.

After the painful recall, Maya informs her mother that she got her love and got close to her goals. She also tells Rajeev that she has married Rudra. He gets surprised with her decision, since she had gone to kill Rudra. Maya swears to snatch everything from Mrityunjay. She believes in Rudra’s love. She is sure that Rudra’s love will become her strength and will make her win. Mrityunjay learns that Maya has killed Rishi. He threatens her life. Maya is happy to have Rudra with her. She plans a big shocker for Mrityunjay.

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