Beyhadh 2 Highlights Mrityunjay grisly act terrifies Maya

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Beyhadh 2 Highlights Mrityunjay grisly act terrifies Maya Mrityunjay and Maya have a battle right in front of Rudra. Mrityunjay threatens her life indirectly. He tells that they should have a photoshoot to introduce their new family member to the world. Rudra feels Maya doesn’t like anything such. Mrityunjay tells that a person shouldn’t conceal their identity. He wants Roy family to appear like a power family. He actually wants Maya to show his power. Maya agrees to him. She wants to see his power. She tells Rudra that he is with her and now she has changed. She doesn’t feel scared of Mrityunjay. Maya stays tensed when Mrityunjay plays his dirty games and gets chances to stay close to her.

He makes sure that Maya loses support of Rudra. Maya gets cornered by Mrityunjay. He senses the fear she is hiding behind her courage. He strikes to break her down. Maya hates Mrityunjay’s touch. She takes a hot shower bath to get rid of that ugly feeling. Rudra surprises Maya. He cheers her up and likes her smile. Maya and Rudra’s romance is seen. She wants to protect him from her truth, that will break his heart. Maya gets scared to take their relationship to the next level because of her underlying fear. Rudra keeps his promise to wait for her approval to take the relationship ahead. He respects her decision. She loves him even more. He tells that their relationship means freedom to her, not any burden.

He wants her to get free from every pain and sorrow. She feels safe and at peace when he is around. Ananya doesn’t want to forgive Rudra for cheating her. He tells that it would be wrong to put her in loveless marriage. She accuses him for stabbing their friendship. Mrityunjay sends Rudra away to meet Maya. He tells her that she can never get rid of his feeling. He challenges her to harm him if she can. He tells her that she will always be Manvi for him. He reminds their affair to her. Maya wants Rudra with her to protect.

Mrityunjay plays cheap to call her daughter-in-law and make her uncomfortable. He promises a new twist every day. He wants to make it very tough for her. Rudra expresses his love for Maya. Mrityunjay knows that Rudra is madly in love with Maya, who is just taking revenge. She tells him that she has chose Rudra after knowing his true love. Maya doesn’t lose courage and remembers her goals of revenge. Mrityunjay scares her and cuts her hair to make her realize that she is Manvi. He gives her the same hairstyle like Manvi to remind her the gruesome past.

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