Colors Sony Prime Underrated Spoilers Top 4 Today

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Colors Sony Prime Underrated Spoilers Top 4 Today Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Nia comes home in the morning. Amber gets relaxed seeing her safe. Pummy also returns home. Guneet gets Amber’s message that he wants to meet her. They fix the meeting. Amber smiles and gets ready in suit to meet Baawra Mann, while Guneet gets ready in saree to meet NodramaPlz on the valentine’s day. Guneet asks him to meet her on table no.5, messages him that baawra mann is waiting for him. Amber reaches there on bike. Guneet waits for him anxiously. Amber comes inside checking her message and smiling.

Guneet checks the menu to order for them. Amber sees Guneet and gets shocked. His happiness fades away seeing her and he says Guneet is Baawra Mann. He hides and doesn’t go in front of her. He never thought that Baawra Mann will be Guneet. Guneet messages him asking if he reached? Amber checks her message. He thinks to return home and hide the truth, unable to accept the truth that his arguing neighbor is his chat friend.

Kahat Hanuman: Anjani gets happy seeing Maruti saving Kesari’s life. She hugs him. Maruti tells her that he will never let anything happen to his father. They get surprised knowing how he brought the tiger to the palace for the saints. Bali returns to his Rajya and thinks to kill Maruti. He says he missed Maruti very much. He comes in front of him and asks if he knows who is he? Maruti looks at him.

Shakti: Heer tells Virat that he didn’t reply to her letter. Virat asks what is she doing here? Heer says she came to know if he is fine. She brings rose for him and wishes him happy rose day. Virat gets surprised and says he didn’t bring any rose for her. They go to a place and enjoy the site near the pond. Later, he buys flowers to give to Heer and keeps it in his college bag. Sant Baksh stops him and tells that he wants to meet the girl. Heer comes to the college. Virat also comes to the college and thinks how to stop Heer from coming in front of Dad. Heer sees Sant Baksh and gets tensed.

Naati Pinky: Pinky waits for Gagan in the hotel room. Gagan comes there with Megha. Pinky hides under the bed. Gagan gets romantic with Megha and tells that he wants to make up with her. He says there is no comparison between you and Pinky. He says God must be in a very bad mood when he made Pinky. Megha says you can tell this in front of Pinky, but not infront of her father. Gagan says her father is the head of the Brahmin society, but in reality he is a big fool. Pinky couldn’t bear anything against her father and asks Gagan to be quiet and not to utter any word against her Papa. He gets a huge shock to see Pinky.

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