Zee Kumkum Ishq Kundali Top 5 Spoilers Today

Zee Kumkum Ishq Kundali Top 5 Spoilers Today

Zee Kumkum Ishq Kundali Top 5 Spoilers Today Ranbir postpones his idea to propose Prachi, hearing her idea that a couple should know each other before proposing each other. Abhi sits on the roadside and sees Pragya. Pragya also sees him and stops. They get emotional and want to know about their failed mobile connection. They want their contact numbers to stay connect. They aren’t aware of Aaliya’s conspiracy to keep them separated. Ranbir splashes flowers on Prachi and makes her feel special. Prachi gets happy and smiles. Rhea comes there and gets burnt in jealously.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta is taken to the jail when they meet with an accident. Preeta gets hurt. Shristi gets upset with Karan and blames him saying he doesn’t want to see Preeta out. Karan gets angry and tells that what is important to him is Preeta’s case and he will take her out anyhow. Shristi gets relaxed thinking Karan is with her. Karan assures her that he will take out Preeta on a clean chit.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Commissioner comes to meet Malhar at his house. He tells Malhar and others that a guy has given statement that he saw Rachit’s body falling from the cliff into the river. He says there is no proof that Rachit is alive and that’s why his murder accusation is on Anupriya. Malhar and Kalyani gets shocked. Malhar is compelled to decide against Anupriya. He knows the consequences of Anupriya’s arrest, that would ruin Kalyani and his blossoming relation.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Gudiya tells Sweety that she will bring someone to help her and do all her work. Sweety asks what do you mean? Sarla says she is talking about Sautan. Gudiya tells that Radhe and Pappu want to get married, I heard them talking about second marriage. Sarla confronts Radhe and Pappu and asks if they want a new brides for themselves. Radhe and Pappu get tensed when their wives confront them. Gudiya tries to make Sarla and Sweety understand Radhe and Pappu’s feelings as they are neglected by them.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer helps Zara in dealing with her fears. He takes the decision that he will contest for Qazi post. Imran is glad that Kabeer has agreed to become the Qazi. He is sure that Kabeer will give a tough competition to Shahbaz and Jalali. Irfan asks Kabeer to submit an application that he is willing to contest for the position. Zara supports Kabeer. She is no more afraid of Jalali. She has big hopes that Kabeer and she can together fight the evil men. Shahbaz gets clued about Kabeer’s decision. Shahbaz wants to fail Kabeer some way.

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