Kasautii Today Anurag suspicious Komolika plans a murder

Kasautii Today Update Komolika lays a deadly trap

Kasautii Today Anurag suspicious Komolika plans a murder Prerna daring saves Anurag from the car accident, plotted by Komolika and Ronit. Prerna gets hurt during the rescue. Anurag rushes her to the hospital. He stays concerned for her and her baby. He wishes she gets fine soon so that he can tell his feelings to her. He wants to tell her that he likes her a lot and maybe the feelings are of love. He has seen death from close, and doesn’t want to delay the confession further. He feels like spending more and more time with her. Viraj calls him up to show that he is Prerna’s would be fiancee. He shows his fake concern to trick Anurag. Anurag shares about the accident, in which Prerna got hurt.

Viraj tells that he will be coming to the hospital in some time. Anurag realizes that Prerna and Viraj are going to get engaged. He has brought Viraj in her life and regrets. He wants to step out of their lives. He thinks he shouldn’t confess his feelings to Prerna. He calls Prerna’s family to inform that she is fine. Veena is glad that Prerna is safe. She was much worried seeing her daughter’s madness for Anurag. She tells that she will get Prerna engaged to Viraj so that she lives a normal life. She doesn’t want more troubles in Prerna’s life. She thanks the God that Prerna and her baby are fine.

She asks Shekhar to take her to the hospital soon. Sharma family goes to the family to meet Prerna. Viraj reaches the hospital and fakes tears shed to fool Anurag. Anurag gets convinced by his drama. Viraj tells that he cares for Prerna a lot since he loves her. Anurag doesn’t want to come between them. Viraj tells that they shall meet Prerna. He tells that Prerna risked her life and did wrong this time, even if it was for her friend Anurag. He tells that she shouldn’t risk her baby’s life. Anurag tells that Prerna doesn’t know about Viraj’s coming. He doesn’t want Viraj to feel anything odd. Anurag gets speechless.

Komolika calls Viraj and commands him to meet her soon. Viraj rushes out of the hospital and meets her. Viraj’s friends see them together and think she is his new girlfriend. Komolika vents anger on him and asks him to just control his crazy wife from calling her again and again. He asks her to stay in her limits. They both threaten each other. She leaves from there so that she can reach Mohini and come to the hospital with her. Anurag looks for Viraj. He finds some girl with Viraj. He learns that she was Viraj’s girlfriend. He realizes that Viraj’s background isn’t clean. Viraj covers it up and takes Anurag to Prerna.

Anurag realizes that Viraj is hiding something. Viraj lies that is mom had come to know about Prerna. Anurag thinks why is Viraj lying. Anurag wants to talk to Prerna, but he stops because of Viraj. Viraj expresses his worries to Prerna. Anurag finds it odd. Viraj tells that he will clear the bill. Prerna tells that she isn’t his fiancee yet. Both the families look for Anurag and Prerna at the hospital. From the reception, they get information that Anurag and Prerna went home. They also go home. Anurag gives medicines to Prerna. They meet their families and share an emotional moment.

Prerna ends Veena’s anger, and Anurag also pacifies Mohini. He gives his life credit to Prerna. He shares the incident details. Mohini is thankful to Prerna. Viraj asks Veena if they can go ahead for the engagement. Veena asks Prerna to come. Prerna refuses for the engagement and makes an excuse of the hand injury. She avoids the ceremony cleverly. She asks Viraj to not force her. Viraj gets helpless to agree to her. Komolika gets much angered. She calls Ronit and asks him to kill the mechanic, so that police doesn’t reach them. Ronit calms her down. Prerna meets Komolika and scolds her for the cheap planning. She tells that she will always protect Anurag, since he is her love. Komolika wants to win Anurag.

Prerna lectures her on love and also rebukes her dirty tactics. Prerna tells that she is engaged to Anurag since she is still wearing the ring gifted by him. Komolika tells Viraj that she will kill Prerna to make her out of Anurag’s heart. Mohini gets to see Anurag’s love for Prerna in his eyes. She feels sorry for him. Shekhar tries to find out the mechanic to know about Prerna’s enemy. Anurag gets suspicious about Viraj after hearing more lies from him. He wants to find Viraj’s intentions. Will Anurag find Viraj’s truth in time and stop the marriage? Keep reading.

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Best comment by RBK:

Anurag n Prerna are meant to be true lovers but never meet. Komolika only wants to hurt Prerna but always fails. Prerna being pregnant does all possible stunts and is still perfectly fine. Anurag for unknown reasons get attracted towards Prerna. Mohini hates Prerna, Nivi keeps fluctuating. Anupam is optional with no proper character role. Moloy enters only as a cameo. Veena & Mohini always argue and still Mohini attends all Prerna’s functions. Enough of Nonsense. If you have nothing new then just stop twisting the same story in a new style.

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  1. Perfect non sense drama! Just fooling around audiences like us..the former one was soo nice n sweet wit Mr Bajaj and Prerna moving on.. .This story just starts n ends same way without any changes! Plz stop this !!

  2. This programme is getting more negative and it is just dragging on with stupid story lines no fresh storylines to keep us hooked up so we might as well not watch it anymore too boring getting sick and tired of watching the plotting of Sonalika for Prenna getting carried away too far


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