NEW Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 Rhea clever conspiracy

NEW Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 Rhea clever conspiracy

NEW Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 Rhea clever conspiracy Rhea vents anger on Prachi after seeing her with Ranbir. She happens to see Saloni. She doesn’t want Saloni to tell her truth to Ranbir. She warns Prachi and goes away. Abhi misses Pragya every time he sees any couple or valentines preparations. He wishes she was with him. He has bought the flowers for her already. He longs for her. He knows that she is upset that he didn’t meet her at the cafe. He doesn’t want her to be angry and avoid his calls. He thinks she is too stubborn. He also wants to be stubborn and find her. Ranbir pacifies Prachi about her fight with Rhea. He doesn’t want them to have a bitter relationship.

She tells him that Rhea is strange, she fights for everything, she isn’t a friend, but not her enemy. He also feels like Pragya that Rhea and Prachi look sisters. He asks Prachi about her age. She scolds him for the bad manners. Rhea looks for Saloni. She thinks Prachi will know about her. Saloni calls Prachi to tell about Rhea. Saloni asks Prachi to meet to know the girl’s name. Vikram meets Pragya to thank her again. He wants her to forgive him for Pallavi’s misbehavior. She understands their emotions being parents.

She apologizes for being rude and not believing Ranbir. He tells that Pallavi was going to come, but stayed back to take care of Meera. Vikram offers a business proposal to Pragya. He wants Pragya to open a cafeteria in his hotel so that they both can get profits. He tells that she makes world’s best coffee. He also tells that Rhea’s dad also likes her coffee. She takes time to think, since its a big task. She doesn’t want to take up the responsibility and then disappoint them. Vikram tells that he will have the coffee when she opens the cafeteria.

Sarita likes the proposal. She asks Pragya to accept the five star hotel deal. She dances happily. Abhi looks for Pragya everywhere. He comes to her old residence. He asks the neighbors about her. Pragya happens to come to the old house. He leaves the flowers for Pragya. Pragya gets the flowers after Abhi leaves. They have an upsetting hit and miss. Abhi and Pragya shed tears of loneliness. Ranbir and Prachi look for Saloni. He thinks he isn’t able to control her feelings in front of Prachi. Prachi gets surprised by the rose shower. Rhea hides from them and keeps an eye. She learns that they are finding Saloni.

She had met Saloni and convinced her to conceal her truth. Saloni wanted to expose Rhea and tell Ranbir that Rhea is his enemy. Rhea has changed her mind by emotionally blackmailing her. She told Saloni that Prachi is snatching her boyfriend Ranbir. Saloni changes her mind after sympathizing with Rhea. Rhea has succeeded to save her love story. Saloni gets tricked after connecting with Rhea’s pain. Rhea gifts a holiday package to Saloni so that she can win Rahul back. Rhea wants Prachi to lose Ranbir. She wants Ranbir to come back to her. She plans to break Prachi’s dreams of getting a rich guy. She feels just she has a right on Ranbir’s love.

Best comment by Reviewer:

Why does Lovers have to suffer in all the serials. Love is not meant to be painful, but have a deep roots and be meaningful in each lovers lives. But you find out that the writers are copying each other and make love meaningless. The writer’s can make their story unique by writing a different story line. The way they portrayed suffering in love will make it impossible to believe in love. WRITE something different and unique.


Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5 Too much dragging
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  1. Plz yaa Pragya chese coffy sirf our sirf abhiki sontham kisi ourki ny kkk
    Alaga ayithe cafe akkadina pettinchandi
    Abhi office daggara kadu okavela Aliya chuste pragyani Ami chessiddho teliyadu
    E business lo Pragya success avvali abhi kanna akkuva name sampadinchali ninnu edhi okate korukunedhi Pragya appudu nuvu unnatha stayilo unte ne fans antha happy feel avvvutharu and is bar pragyaki Amina Hani talapettalani chuste Aliya I will kill u kkkkk

  2. Plz abhiki prachine bade bate ani telisala cheyyandi kkkkkk avariki teliyakudadhu Prachi University topper ravali stage meda Prachi gift tesukovali Prachi thana ammani pilichi evide ma amma Pragya Arora ani introduce cheyyali Prachi stage meda matladetappudu abhi chudali appudu Prachine thana kuthuru ani telisinappudu
    Appudu Prachi abhiko nufrut karna lagegi kkkk

  3. Mila do re abhi pragya ko kitna pershan karoge or unko…har bar alag krdete buss ham log ko chutiya smjh rakha h….ab tanu jaisa rea ko bnare same story Kyu lareee kch toh alag kro Kiara ko hi wapis dikha do…or kb PTA chalega abhi ko ki prachi uski beti h bss ab pata chalne do bhut khich liye yrr…ab bta do bore hone lag gya h

  4. Rhea is such an evil young woman, it’s not surprising, she is taking advice from her aunt, her character is dirty, she has no class or dignity as Prachi, she doesn’t know how to dress, her dress style is very vulgar. Abhi should throw his sister out of the house as he did before, she is evil and a murderer.

  5. I agree with the comment above about love being trashed, these storylines are showing that evil triumphs over good which is not so, how much more evil are they going to write in the storyline, it is time for a change.
    Thank you.


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