Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet funny disguise Meher surprised

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet funny disguise Meher surprised Meher has taken the decision to not live in Sarabjeet’s house until she proves herself and Jagga innocent. She doesn’t want Harleen or others to insult her family for the crime not committed by them. She wants to bring the fraud culprit out. Sarabjeet didn’t wish Meher to go to her Maayka. Meher leaves with her family. She focusses on her coming child. She enjoys her morning in her room after a long time. Though she misses Sarabjeet and Param a lot. Sarabjeet also misses her and sees her picture. He wants to talk to her. He awaits her phone call. He thinks she is busy in some work. He calls her to talk and ask her about her welfare.

He finds Meher worried on the call. He decides to meet her and know what’s happening there. He takes a disguise of a milk man. He makes excuses of a morning walk and goes to meet Meher. Harleen finds his disguise strange. He goes to Kulwant’s house. Kulwant has done all the special arrangements for Meher’s welfare. Meher and Jagga are working hard to find the real culprit who ruined her peace. She tells Kulwant that they will catch the culprit and she is sure about it. Kulwant tells Jagga that Meher is worrying a lot, which isn’t good for her in the state of pregnancy. She doesn’t want Meher to take any kind of stress.

She is also equally worried after the accusations on Meher and the family. She suspects that someone from Sarabjeet’s family is doing this. She doesn’t want Meher and Sarabjeet’s marriage to suffer. Meher tells her that she is ready with the plan, she is sure that the culprit will fall into the trap. Meher gets surprised when Sarabjeet comes home as the milkman. Sarabjeet expresses his concern for his wife and coming child.

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