Kahaan Hum Sumit motive Starplus Ronakshi hoped union

Sumit motive Starplus Ronakshi hoped union
Picture 3. Rohit and Sonakshi happy moments before Nishi entering their lives with evil. Moment to cherish all the life. Just picture perfect.

Kahaan Hum Sumit motive Starplus Ronakshi hoped union Rohit learns about Pari’s pregnancy. He thinks if Sonakshi is aware of the truth or not. He tracks Sonakshi and tries to meet her. He wants to solve the mess, before the pregnancy news ruins Rohan and Tanya’s marriage. Rohit doesn’t want any more drama in Sippy family because of Rastogis. Though he loves Sonakshi a lot, he doesn’t like Pari for all her wrong doings. He still sympathizes with Pari, believing that Pari wasn’t wrong alone. Rohit can’t punish Rohan, who is trying to mend his marriage with Tanya. Rohit gets troubled to decide about Pari and Rohan.

Pari’s plan to get Tanya’s child aborted fails. She gets troubled thinking the pregnancy truth will soon come out. Rohit goes to meet Sonakshi, and gets hindered by her good friend Sumit. Sumit stops Rohit from meeting Sonakshi and hurting her. Sumit tells Sonakshi that he won’t let Sippys hurt her. He understands that Sonakshi also wants to meet Rohit. Rohan and Tanya’s baby shower function will be seen. Rohit unwilling becomes a part of the function. Rohan and his friend will be seen kidnapping Pari. Rohit and Sonakshi will rescue Pari and look after her. Sonakshi will learn about Pari’s pregnancy and slip in shock.

It will be revealed that Rohit has called Sumit to help Sonakshi indirectly. Sumit will play the cupid to bring Rohit and Sonakshi together. He makes efforts to bring Sonakshi in front of Rohit. Sonakshi faints down due to stress. Rohit takes care of Sonakshi and gets into a moment with her. Ronakshi moment will be seen after a long time.

Best comment by Jazz:

Rohit could have handled this in a better way, not just sign on divorce paper and throw Sona out of his home and life like that. Now he finds this is how he can pay the penance for the crime committed towards his love his life. Hope the makers are not going to drag this hate relationship for long.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Rudraksh hates Prisha for killing Rajeev. He isn’t aware that Rajeev’s murderer is still free. Yuvraj ends his ties with Prisha, knowing he has completely lost Saransh’s trust fund. She has given Saransh’s sole custody to Rudraksh, which ends all hopes of Yuvraj. Yuvraj leaves her to die.

Rudraksh also wants Prisha to die by getting hanged. He plans to marry Mishika just after Prisha’s death, so that his second marriage gets legal. Rudraksh falls sick and misses Rajeev, who used to take care of him in illness. Balraj turns caring towards Rudraksh, but the latter doesn’t forgive him. Rudraksh prefers to stay alone.

Saransh takes Rajeev’s place in Rudraksh’s life. He takes care of Rudraksh just the same way like Rajeev. Rudraksh sees Rajeev in Saransh. Prisha wants to confess her innocence, but is helpless. She s faces her death. Saransh compels Rudraksh to save Prisha. Rudraksh hates Prisha and gets helpless to bring her home for Saransh’s sake. He makes Prisha’s life hell. Prisha gets a new life and is happy to be with Saransh. Rudraksh promises to make her cry blood tears.

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  1. heard that khkt is going off air…please don’t do that…we really love the show…i accept the current track is disturbing but this show should not go off air…channel.should not do it…either dnt go off air or else launch khkt season 2 please…i love karan please

  2. Sandeep .. Starplus … please don’t end KHKT .. it’s a wonderful show without which day doesn’t end .. Ronakshi have become part of our lives .. they seem to be so real .. please let them be with us for all timento come .. please ..

  3. Please continue this show…after many years we are getting to watch a gr8 show and not the stupid SaaS bahu saga…no meaningless accidents or memory loss or 3- 4 marriages.

  4. I am sorry but i lost all faith in that drama there is no positivity what so ever! Nishi’s truth isnt coming out and veena is just being a spoilt brat for not believing in sona so i stopped watching it i am no longer a fan of KHKT. ✋


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