Kundali Bhagya Great twists Karan Preeta romance chase

Kundali Bhagya Great twists Karan Preeta romance chase

Kundali Bhagya Great twists Karan Preeta romance chase Preeta gets touched when Karan confesses his feelings, that all of his love and flowers are just for her, he has bought it just for her to wish on Valentines. He tells her that he has put efforts to wish her with love. Preeta gets emotional and happy. She wants him to be more specific in his confession. She instigates him to name her as his lover. They have a cute moment of romance. He tells her that he has bought the flowers to help the vendor, who was requesting him. She wants to know if he would give flowers just like that to any girl. He tells that he would never give flowers to any girl except her. She gets her reply.

She realizes that he loves her. They go ahead to find Babbi. Shrishti gets stuck on the way when the hired auto rickshaw breaks down. She wanted to reach Preeta. She gets an idea to call Sameer. She realizes her phone got off. She wants some help. Preeta gets hurt by the rose thorn. Karan tells her that he doesn’t like to hurt her intentionally. He is hurt that he always gets blamed for everything. She asks him not to think so, she would never blame him. He tells her about Sarla bashing him up for Mahira’s absence in the court. He tells that Mahira couldn’t reach the court on time, and he got blamed for it.

She apologizes to him knowing Sarla has slapped him. She blames him for not checking the bike fuel and coming to help her. He asks her not to irritate him, else he will stop the car. They forget their tensions for a while and have a cute fight. She gets adamant that he apologizes to her. He apologizes to her since he can’t see her worried. He tells that they have to find Babbi and know the truth, they can’t waste time in fights. She thanks him for showing maturity and doing so much for her. Elsewhere, Sameer tells Rishabh about Sarla slapping Karan. He tells that Karan didn’t react even then Sarla and Shrishti blamed him.

He knows that Karan was really trying to help Preeta. Rishabh understands that Sarla is in pain, since the court will punish Preeta. He feels helpless that Preeta is in much problem. He also thinks Karan did wrong to cheat Aroras. Rishabh is glad that Karan didn’t react and respected Sarla’s emotions. Sameer tells him that Shrishti also came to blast anger at Karan. He also tells that Karan went somewhere. Rishabh tells that everything would have gone fine if Mahira came to court on time. He thinks who had kidnapped Preeta, who would be Preeta’s enemy. Sherlyn and Mahira are Preeta’s enemies.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that she doesn’t feel anything wrong with her plans. Sherlyn tells that she wants Preeta to get ruined. She is impressed with Mahira. She asks Mahira to beware of Luthras, they are smart and may suspect her. She offers help. Mahira questions her about her child’s father. Sherlyn doesn’t want to reveal any secrets to Mahira. She warns Mahira to bring out her secret. Mahira tells them that once the secrets come out, they will be in trouble. Sherlyn shows her concern. Mahira asks Sherlyn not to worry for her. Kareena, Rakhi and Ramoma meet Mahira and tell her that the kidnappers will be caught. Mahira doesn’t want to fall into trouble. Babbi is really at the dhaba.

He plans to buy a truck, since he has got much money from Sherlyn. He shares about Sherlyn, who hired him for committing an accident. Karan and Preeta reach the dhaba. He makes a plan to go in first and nab him. He feels Babbi will identify her and run away. He tells that he will take selfies with his fans and show the pictures to her so that she can point out Babbi. She tells that it won’t look good that he takes selfies with the fans for his purpose. Karan is glad that she knows his fame power now. Karan goes to the Dhaba and meets his fans.

He takes the selfies with the truck drivers. He meets Babbi, but doesn’t recognize him. He rushes to show the pictures to Preeta. Preeta identifies Babbi, who comes after Karan to get a clear selfie clicked. Preeta alerts Karan about him. Babbi also spots him and attempts to flee. Will Karan and Preeta succeed in catching Babbi and knowing the culprits Mahira and Sherlyn? Keep reading.

Best Comment by Nina:

Writers of Kundali Bhagya are portraying to the whole world that Indians are heartless, corrupt, evil and all those who are poor lead a suppressed life. Please do everybody a favour and end this show if you have no respect for your own country.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5 Happy moments of PreeRan
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  1. Lead actors are portrayed as weak and dumb, while the second rated n’er-do-wells takes credit for their crappy display of villiany. When will Alia and Rhea get the taste of their own poison? Abhi and Pragya get back their love story, and Pragya gets a new bag to replace that outdated multi colored one. Also a decent saree to match her personality as Mrs. Mehra, who’s the rightful owner of Abhi’s wealth.


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