Special Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya Dragged Ranbir Prachi

Special Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya Dragged Ranbir Prachi

Special Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya Dragged Ranbir Prachi One hour Episodes. Prachi and Ranbir look for Saloni and miss to find her. They are confused. Ranbir asks her to not take tension and wait for Saloni’s next call. He gets serious about classes, which makes Prachi laugh. Rhea asks Maya not to meet her in the college. Maya knows Ranbir and Prachi can see them together. She decides to meet Rhea at the mall. Prachi overhears them. She rushes to get Ranbir from his class. She tells him that she has seen Maya going to meet some girl. She tells that they can find the mastermind. She doesn’t know the motive of the girl. Ranbir knows Maya and Saloni are connected to her. He has no enemies and is confused. He trusts Prachi.

She is afraid that she will fail him. He knows she trusts him too. They follow Maya. Maya realizes that Ranbir is following her. She tricks Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi get hindered because of a truck. Prachi knows he is innocent and won’t do such cheap crimes. She doesn’t want Maya to know their spying move. Maya calls Rhea. Prachi tells that they can easily see the enemy and catch her red-handed. Ranbir’s necklace gets at peace again. Vikram tells them that he has spoken to Prachi’s mom for joining the cafeteria offer. Abhi asks him not to compel Prachi’s mom and let her decide on her own. Vikram asks him to talk to Prachi’s mom and convince her.

Abhi agrees to meet her after finishing his meeting. Abhi enjoys a cute fight between Vikram and Pallavi. Dida orders Vikram to buy a necklace for Pallavi. Sarita asks Pragya about the roses. Pragya tells that her husband has sent it. She gets sad that she couldn’t meet him. Sarita asks her how could they not meet. Pragya hides the matter from Shahana. Sarita lies that her hero has sent the flowers for her. She taunts Shahana for not having any rose with her. She asks if none likes her. Shahana gets upset. Sarita asks Pragya to think well about Vikram’s offer. She also wants Pragya to help her in a catering order.

Pragya agrees to help Sarita. Ranbir and Pragya arrive at the mall to find Maya and that girl. They have a cute banter. Prachi rushes to find Maya. Rhea learns that Maya is getting engaged. She congratulates Maya. They find Ranbir and Prachi arguing aloud. Rhea gets alert and hides from them. Maya tells Rhea that the game is getting dangerous, she can’t risk her engagement. Rhea asks her if she didn’t know the risk before accepting the offer. Maya is scared that her engagement will get cancelled if her case details get known to anyone. Rhea asks her to play a victim card. Maya doesn’t want to lie to them.

She tells that if her marriage doesn’t happen, it will be a big loss for her dad. Sarita and Shahana come to the same mall for shopping. Rhea gets worried on hearing them. She asks Maya not to come in front of them. Ranbir comes across Sarita and Shahana. He is scared since Sarita reacted in anger last time when she saw Prachi and him together. He makes silly excuses to stop them from seeing Prachi. She tells him about her catering order. He rushes to stop Prachi from shouting his name. Maya doesn’t care for anyone. She wants to save her future. Rhea tries to bribe her. Maya demands a diamond necklace.

Rhea tells that she can’t gift her expensive necklace. Maya asks her to lie to the family. Ranbir and Prachi also hide in a trial room, like Rhea and Maya. He tells that he didn’t wish Sarita to see them. Sarita and Sarita fight while shopping. Rhea agrees to give the necklace. Sarita and Shahana try to get inside a trial room. Rhea-Maya, Prachi-Ranbir don’t open the door. Shahana hears Prachi’s voice and asks if she is inside. Prachi makes strange excuses to send them away. Rhea thinks its time that she should go away. Rhea gets saved in the nick of time. Ranbir and Prachi don’t see her.

Maya insists Rhea to wait for her. Prachi tells Ranbir that they will stay away and find the girl who is helping Maya. Rhea messages Maya to avoid them. Rhea doesn’t want Maya to stick around. Maya misses to check her message.

Later, Prachi confronts Maya. Maya scolds her for cheating her by becoming a friend. Prachi asks her to think of her own image and stop lying about Ranbir. Prachi knows Maya is doing this for money. Maya tells her that she will not accept any offer. Ranbir asks Rhea about her presence. She lies that she came for shopping. He tells that he is trying to find the girl who has defamed him. She covers up well and fools Ranbir. Ranbir tells Prachi that they should still follow Maya. Rhea asks Maya not to follow her now. Rhea promises to give her a diamond necklace. Ranbir and Prachi see Maya with Rhea.

They don’t suspect Rhea. Sarita finds Ranbir and Prachi at the mall. They run away to get saved from her scolding. Sarita feels its fine if they want to spend time. Maya’s engagement dress gets delivered to Prachi. Sarita tells Shahana that Ranbir and Prachi are in love. Shahana doesn’t think so. Sarita challenges to make Prachi accept her feelings in ten days. They have a bet. Prachi tells Ranbir that they will go to Maya’s house to deliver the dress and know her plans. Ranbir asks Prachi not to drive, its risky for their lives. Prachi insists that she will drive the car for him. Ranbir asks her to focus on their goals.

Best Comment by Abhigya fan:
Lead actors are portrayed as weak and dumb, while the second rated n’er-do-wells takes credit for their crappy display of villainy. When will Alia and Rhea get the taste of their own poison? Abhi and Pragya get back their love story, and Pragya gets a new bag to replace that outdated multi colored one. Also a decent saree to match her personality as Mrs. Mehra, who’s the rightful owner of Abhi’s wealth.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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