Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Roka Amber becomes troublemaker

Amber poetic romantic start to win love in Dad Ki Dulhan

Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Roka Amber becomes troublemaker Amber and Guneet’s date got spoiled. Amber didn’t know that Guneet is Baawra Mann. He is much upset. He learns about her Roka happening. He thinks she has cheated him to make fun of him by faking friendship online and then insulting him on his face. He thinks of her curse that he will be left alone one day. He is much depressed. He is doing strange things to stop Guneet’s Roka. He wants to ruin her special day. He fixes the bedsheets as a partition to show Guneet the house limits. He doesn’t want her to decorate the house. He shows his ownership. He is much raging whenever he sees her face and recalls the cheat.

Guneet and her mum ask him why did he get mad early morning, what is he up to. Amber doesn’t answer them well. He argues with Guneet. He wants to spoil everything. He thinks she always uses people for her benefits. He doesn’t want her Roka ceremony to happen in his house. He buys bulk radish from the market. He spreads the radish smell to upset Guneet. He cooks radish dishes to trouble Guneet. He thinks the guests will be troubled and run away, the Roka will get cancelled. He boils the radish. The smell spreads in the house.

Guneet’s mum takes the vessel to throw it away. Guneet tells him that she will not lose to him, she has a solution to all of his problems. She tells that she knows his evil intentions. Amber misunderstands her. He doesn’t think that she deserves his friendship. He was falling in love with Baawra Mann. He now feels that Guneet is worth nothing. He tells that the Roka won’t happen in his place. Guneet tells that Roka will happen right in front of him. Anurag asks her if there is any problem. She calls Amber as dirt and insults him.

Amber asks her to tell her would be fiancee where she had gone on Valentine’s day. He tells about Guneet’s date. Anurag doesn’t understand much. Guneet gets surprised and thinks how does Amber know about her date, when just Randeep knew about it. She gets a bit suspicious. Nia and Randeep find them fighting. They want Amber and Guneet to see each other’s good qualities and pay respect. Will Nia bring Amber and Guneet together? Keep reading.

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  1. Mere dad ki dulhan is damn interesting serial. I love watching it rather i keenly Walt for 10.30pm daily even if i am tired or sleepy. All actors are superb.


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