Kumkum Tonight Surprising Prachi realizes love for Ranbir

Kumkum Tonight Surprising Prachi realizes love for Ranbir

Kumkum Tonight Surprising Prachi realizes love for Ranbir Ranbir and Prachi realize that Maya’s engagement is happening in Vikram’s hotel. They don’t think that Vikram and Abhi know about Maya, who framed Ranbir for the molestation. Prachi works hard to decorate the hotel nicely. Vikram tells Abhi that Prachi’s mom has handled all the work for his. He tells that he doesn’t know about the clients. Abhi tells that he should know about the clients in advance, else there maybe a problem. Vikram tells Abhi that Prachi’s mom would be having experience in managing events. Abhi and Pragya happen to meet, but a hit and miss makes them away again. They act like blind even when they are just a meter away.

Rhea meets Maya to give her a diamond necklace. She asks Maya to support her in the plans. Maya gets glad to wear the diamonds. Prachi asks Ranbir to focus on their plan. Prachi doesn’t want Sarita or Pragya to see them. Ranbir suggests that they will take the dancers’ costumes and hide their identity. Abhi meets Vikram and finds him happy. They both have a friendly banter. Vikram is all praising Prachi’s mom and Sarita, who are real hard-working people. Abhi tells him that he got Ranbir along, after their cars hit on the way. Vikram gets worried for his son. Abhi asks him to order the food. Vikram asks him to have anything he likes.

Pragya orders the staff to divide their duties and try to keep things perfect. Sarita finds Maya with Rhea. She learns that they are friends. Rhea doesn’t want to get caught by Sarita. Ranbir and Prachi take the disguise. They wear the masks and don’t identify each other for a minute. Rhea scolds Maya to trick Sarita. She tells Sarita that she isn’t Maya’s friend. She doesn’t want Sarita to question her. Sarita wants to find out the truth. Ranbir gets mesmerized seeing Prachi in a beautiful gown. Maya’s dad Chobey meets Abhi and requests him to sing a song in the party. Abhi doesn’t want to refuse to him.

He tells Vikram that he will call Purab for the dance. They get a shock to see Maya. Abhi asks Vikram to cancel the event, its Maya’s engagement and they can’t support him. Vikram doesn’t want any issue. Pragya takes care of catering. She awaits Rhea’s dad. Abhi asks Vikram to make Maya away, Maya has harmed Ranbir and Prachi. He loses his cool. Vikram tells that he can’t cancel the booking like that, they are helpless. Ranbir and Prachi try to meet Maya. Maya and Mohit’s parents take them for the engagement. Rhea calls Ranbir and Prachi for the dance. She assumes them to be dancers. Ranbir and Prachi have a romantic dance performance.

Prachi realizes his feelings by his stare and gets shy. She runs away from him. Ranbir wants to know what happened to her. Vikram realizes that Abhi loves Ranbir a lot. He tells that he can see Abhi loves Prachi as a father too. Abhi admits that he loves Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea equally. He still wants to cancel the event. Vikram doesn’t want to invite troubles when Maya’s dad is a politician. Ranbir asks Prachi the reason for running away. He wants to know his mistake. He gets scared by her silence. Prachi wants to identify that feeling. She realizes her love for Ranbir. She asks him to stay away from her. He feels odd by her behavior.

She tells him that she was checking if they messed up the dance. He is confused. She doesn’t know what to answer him. She tells him that she felt something during their dance. He wants to know why is she confusing everything. Rhea finds them making a plan to expose Maya’s truth. She can’t believe that Prachi is so clever. She doesn’t want Maya to take her name. Vikram manages to cheer up Abhi. He tells Abhi that Prachi’s mom Anuradha is cute, she always does the right thing. Abhi misses to see Pragya, because Sarita comes in between.

Rhea meets Maya and tells her about Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi look for Maya. Sarita tells Pragya that its Maya’s engagement, Rhea is Maya’s friend. Pragya doesn’t think Rhea can frame Ranbir. She asks Sarita not to blame Rhea for everything. Abhi and Vikram taste the snacks and like Anurdha’s culinary talents. Maya is worried that her marriage will break if her truth comes out. Will Rhea manage to save herself? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Ritu:
Yes the story line of kumkum bhagya is becoming monotonous. Evil always win according to the writer.

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  1. This serial is getting more and more sicker with each and every episode every day. As it is the viewers feel nausea seeing this serial and very soon we will all start Vomiting seeing this serial. In today’s World where even a beggar on the road is having and using Mobile phones the famous Rockstar Abhi doesnt have or know how to use a Mobile to call or meet his Lover Pragya. Even small 3 and 4 year old kids are so smart specially with Mobile phones and here Abhi and Pragya are getting dumber each and every day, by not connecting with each other at all. This Lousy idiotic drama has to STOP immediately or else viewers will be spitting and Vomitting on it


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