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Kundali Preeta stops Karan marriage Raabta twists

Zee5 Trending Preeta Karan Kundali Bhagyaa Tonight Shrishti is glad to see Preeta fine. Karan tells Sameer that they will take Babbi along. Preeta wants to know why. Karan tells that she isn’t intelligent. Sameer ties up Babbi. Karan tells her that they need Babbi, since he didn’t tell them about his boss till now. Preeta asks him not to take law in his hand. Karan asks her not to lecture him about law. He wants to fulfill his promise and prove her innocence. Shrishti also agrees with Karan. She tells that he is working hard for Preeta’s sake. Preeta doesn’t want to agree. She tells that they will take Babbi to the police station. She doesn’t ant him to get involved in the case.

He doesn’t care for his defamation. He tells them that Preeta will be proved guilty if they follow her plan and go to seek help from police. Preeta doesn’t want the risk for him. He calls the constable to take her advice. He tells that they have caught the driver after a fight. He tells her that Babbi won’t say the truth, they want to take Babbi to his house so that he stays safe until he appears in the court. Constable tells Preeta that Karan is saying right, the police didn’t announce any alert to find her. She asks Preeta to come back soon and prove her innocence. Preeta and team get Babbi in the car.

Preeta worries for Babbi’s safety, being a doctor. Karan asks her not to be too innocent. Sameer and Shrishti find the romantic gifts in the car. They realize that Karan and Preeta were celebrating valentines. They also exchange the gifts and enjoy Karan and Preeta’s argument. Preeta tells that she wants to ensure that Babbi is fine. Inspector waits for Preeta. He calls the constable to know the truth. He wants to issue an alert to find Preeta Arora. He informs his team about searching for Preeta. Sameer takes Preeta’s side, while Shrishti takes Karan’s side. Both the couples have an argument on the way.

Karan tells them that they will take Babbi to Luthra mansion. Preeta calls it a wrong plan. Karan tells that she is so dumb and innocent, the world is so clever that they can do anything bad. He asks Preeta to listen to him. She tells him that she always listens to him. Their arguments cause a headache for Shrishti and Sameer, who beg them to calm down. Meanwhile, Sarla learns that Shrishti isn’t at home. She wonders how did their house lost the peace and happiness. She wants her daughters home. She knows Shrishti loves Preeta a lot. She wishes that the sisters stay together.

She tells Janki that if anything happens to Preeta, then she is afraid that Shrishti would reach Luthra mansion to confront Karan. Janki pacifies Sarla. She tells that she will find out about Shrishti. She calls Shrishti. Karan and Preeta see the check post. Preeta doesn’t want to get caught. Shrishti asks Karan and Preeta to not argue and calm down until they deal with the police. Karan finds Shrishti more sensible. Karan finds a way to deal with the police by acting to romance Preeta. Sameer and Shrishti talk to the traffic constable and trick him. Karan uses his celebrity status to get rid of the traffic police. He goes to get a selfie clicked with the constable. He uses his charming talk to get ahead of the check post.

Karan and Preeta get into a romantic moment. They recall their best memories. Karan assures her that he is with her. Janki tells Sarla that Shrishti would have gone to the police station to meet Preeta. Shrishti wants to inform Sarla about her. Preeta wants to meet Sarla. Karan tells her that she is really a duffer, they can’t inform anyone that she is at Luthra mansion. Shrishti tells Sarla that she is fine and coming home in some time. Sarla is relieved that Shrishti is fine. Shrishti tells Karan that they shouldn’t tell anything on phone calls, police may tap the calls. Karan tells that Shrishti is much intelligent, while Preeta always rests her brains.

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