Kundali Mahira wicked tester Luthras in for shock

Kundali Mahira wicked tester Luthras in for shock

Kundali Mahira wicked tester Luthras in for shock Inspector misses to see Babbi when Luthras distract him. They manage to trick the police until Karan takes Preeta outside. Police doesn’t find Preeta at home. Luthras tell him that they don’t know about Preeta. Inspector questions Sameer for coming home through the window. Rakhi lies that Sameer is sleep walking. Sameer also acts by hearing Rakhi’s story. Rakhi does overacting again. She proves that Sameer was really walking in his sleep. Rishabh tells them that police is convinced now and would leave. Inspector thanks them for the cooperation. He wants to check the terrace as well. Sherlyn thinks Preeta will be caught now.

Sameer thinks Karan has taken Preeta on the terrace. Karan and Preeta get to know about the police coming upstairs. Karan gets an instant idea. He hides Babbi and Preeta as well. Preeta panics and thinks there is no option now. Karan and Preeta hide inside the water tank, since they can hold their breath for long. Mahira doubts that they are hiding in the water tank. She wants to give the lead to the police. She thinks how to inform the police. She tells Kareena that Karan and Preeta would be hiding in the water tank.

She thinks Kareena hates Preeta and would react. Kareena doesn’t want to tell the police, since Karan will also fall in trouble if police finds Preeta there. She loves Karan a lot. She doesn’t want him to bear troubles. Inspector apologizes to Rishabh for the trouble caused. He tells that they didn’t check the water tank. Karan asks Preeta to just hold her breath for some time. Mahira gets hopeful that they will be caught now. Karan and Preeta immerse themselves in the water. Police checks for them and fails to see them inside. Police leaves.

Rishabh wants to know where they are. Luthras finds Karan and Preeta coming out of the water tank. Karan proves his determination by protecting her from the police. Rakhi and Kritika worry for Preeta. Karan boasts of his smart move. Rishabh asks Karan not to hug him with wet clothes. Sherlyn and Mahira’s plan fails badly. They wonder how did they fail. Sherlyn tells that Preeta has a good fate, she always gets saved from their deadly plans. Rishabh and Karan worry to find the enemy framing Preeta. Karan wants to check on Preeta.

Shrishti arrives to meet Preeta. She learns that Luthras are kindly helping Preeta. Preeta tells that its all because of Karan, that everyone has sided their differences. Sherlyn and Mahira make new plans against Preeta. They decide to use a poisonous gas to faint down the entire Luthra family. Mahira tells her that they will make Babbi escape while Luthras fall unconscious. Karan and Rishabh doubt on Sherlyn for manipulating the video and framing Preeta.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Starplus twists

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