Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Shakti Spoilers lined

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Shakti Spoilers lined

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Shakti Spoilers lined Shristi tells Preeta that Luthra’s are helping her which is quite surprising. Preeta says this is because of Karan. Mahira plans with Sherlyn to spray a dangerous gas in the house, everyone will sleep for atleast 10 mins and in those 10 mins they have to make Babbi(goon) escape. Sherlyn agrees with her plan and they are going to execute it.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Pappu wakes up and finds Champa sleeping on the bed beside him. He gets shocked and tries to run. Champa holds him and hugs him. Pappu tells her that he is married now and asks her to leave him. Sweety hears them and sees Champa hugging a scared Pappu. She gets shocked. Champa and Pappu’s truth will be revealed in front of everyone.

Naati Pinky: Sarthak informs Ram about Pinky and Dadi’s stay in Ananya’s boutique. Ram decides to demolish it to snatch shelter from them and asks him to call the bulldozer. Nalini hears him and asks him to punish her, but don’t get the boutique broken. Ram says if Pinky gets ready to go to her sasural then I will not break this boutique. The bulldozer is called and is about to demolish the boutique. The goons take Amma and Pinky out forcibly.

Nandu is also in the boutique, but they don’t see her. The bulldozer begins breaking the boutique. Nandu is still stuck. Arjun tells his friend that Nandu is not at home and thinks if she is in boutique. He comes to the boutique and finds it demolishing. He runs inside and saves Nandu. He tries to stop the demolish, but in vain.

Shakti: Heer decides to ask Virat why he refused her proposal when he likes her so much. She comes to his house and finds the window closed. She calls Virat to open the door, but he doesn’t open his window. Sant baksh catches Heer and talks bad about her family’s values. Heer tells her that he can’t speak bad about her family and says when a girl goes out at night then it doesn’t mean that her character gets spoiled. Virat comes and says yes, says good house girls’ don’t go out at night. Heer is shocked. Sant Baksh tells Heer that he will drop her to her house.

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