Starplus KHKT Yeh Rishta OMG Horrific Kartik handicapped

Starplus KHKT Yeh Rishta OMG Horrific Kartik handicapped

Starplus KHKT Yeh Rishta OMG Horrific Kartik handicapped Sonakshi is taken to the Sippy hospital by Veena and Sippys so that Rohit’s life can get saved first. Veena just cares for her son’s life. He is already regretting to kidnap Sonakshi and thinks Rohit is getting punished for it. She doesn’t want to hurt Sonakshi more. Her anger and hatred melt down by her repentance. She changes her mind towards Sonakshi and turns into a caring mother again. She wants Rohit and Sonakshi to be fine, so that they can together find a cure to the patients’ infection. Veena instructs Nishi to bring Sonakshi for the trial.

Sonakshi undergoes the trial by her consent, knowing just she can save Rohit’s life. Rohit calculates the pros and cons for the trial. He is sure that his guess will yield good results. Shockingly, Sonakshi’s body reacts unexpected after being exposed to the virus deliberately. The virus gets injected in her blood stream. Doctors fear that she may get a cardiac arrest and die. Rohit, the heart surgeon will be seen as a savior for Sonakshi, by keeping all his fears aside. Sonakshi and Rohit became life saviors for each other. It will be interesting to see the lovely couple putting efforts to save the city from the huge epidemic.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira finds Kairav giving an interview against her because of Goenkas. She goes to Goenka house to answer the media. She brings Kairav home with her. She tries to cheer him up. Kairav doesn’t listen to her at all. Naira gets a shocking news of Kartik’s accident. She runs out of the house and drives the car to reach him. Kairav finds her much worried. He thinks where did she go. Naira rushes to help Kartik and get him treated, post the accident. Naira and Naksh bring Kartik home. Kairav is much depressed to see his dad on a wheelchair.

Kahaan Hum Rohit Shocking discovery Upcoming

Kartik loses his mobility post the accident. He feels helpless on a wheelchair. Kartik and Naira get into an argument because of Kairav. Javeri succeeds in his plan to create a rift between them. Naira is trying hard to win her son’s faith. Javeri is behind Kartik’s accident. He threatens their lives to make Trisha withdraw the case. Naira hugs Kartik and cries. Singhanias are worried for Kartik’s state. Trisha tells them that she will withdraw the case, she doesn’t want them to face troubles. Naira feels guilty of everything.

She wants to leave the house and go away. Singhanias stop her. Kartik asks her not to blame herself, Javeri is responsible for this. Shivani gets the court papers. She tells them that Trisha has withdrawn the case. Naira scolds Trisha for accepting defeat. Trisha tells that Javeri will hurt them more to pressurize them, its better that they give up and end the fight. Naira urges Kartik to get up from the wheelchair and get rid of his helpless and handicapped state.

Best comment by Khushi:

I love his show like all others, its bad that this show is getting off soon but still I am happy that this is logical and I don’t want the show to extend and become like other illogical shows, I will really miss u khkt but i am really satisfied be this different story line, thanks for giving me memories which I can remember in future and say “I HAVE SEEN A REALISTIC SHOW CALLED KAHAN HUM KAHAN TUM”, thank u very much.


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