Kundali Bhagya The Karan Luthra swag Preeta romance

Kundali Bhagya Karan astonished Rishabh in trouble

Kundali Bhagya The Karan Luthra swag Preeta romance Preeta imagines Karan and a romantic moment with him. She realizes that she is yearning to romance him. Preeta’s dream comes to an end. Preeta gets blushing and is caught by naughty Shrishti. Shrishti wants to know what dream did Preeta see. She asks if she was romancing her husband Karan in the dream. Rakhi wants both her sons to have breakfast and then leave from the house. Rishabh and Karan have happy moment with the family. Rishabh asks Karan to reach for the practice on time. Kareena wants Karan to not focus on Preeta and Aroras. She asks him to just focus on his cricket practice. Mahira invites Karan in her friend’s party.

Karan refuses to accompany her. He tells that he has to focus on his practice as Kareena wants. Kareena also wants him to spend time with Mahira and go in the party with her. Dadi encourages Karan to do what he wants. Kareena asks Karan to think of Mahira’s happiness. Karan agrees to come in the party. Rakhi is happy to see her sons happy after a long time. Karan finds Preeta speaking to Shiv. She doesn’t know that Shiv is interested in her. Karan doesn’t want her to smile and give any wrong hopes to Shiv. Karan gets jealous to see them together. Mahira checks her dresses to go out in the party with Karan.

Sherlyn doesn’t think that Karan could love Mahira. Mahira tells her that Karan was wishing to get close to her. She feels happy. Sherlyn asks her if its true. She doesn’t believe it. She thinks Karan loves Mahira. Mahira tells her that Karan made romantic gestures and she is sure that Karan likes her. Sherlyn doesn’t believe Mahira’s story. She feels Preeta will come home with Karan soon. Karan interrupts Preeta and Shiv’s conversation. Karan asks Shiv to go and see the team. He asks Preeta to check his shoulder. Preeta confronts Karan for lying about the injury. She understands that he lied to make Shiv out of her cabin.

Karan asks her why was she smiling to talk to Shiv. He tells that Shiv likes her and she shouldn’t talk to him. She asks what’s the problem in it. Shiv comes back to them and asks Karan about his lie. Karan further lies and makes a story to take Preeta with him. He asks Preeta to come with him for urgent work. Karan tells Shiv that Preeta’s husband is calling her, she won’t do the job now, until Shiv stops irritating her. Shiv doesn’t understand and follows them. He finds Karan rushing Preeta outside. Karan takes Preeta in his car. He tells her that he called her so many times. Mahira informs her friend that she is coming in some time.

She arrives in the party and meets her friends. Sherlyn accompanies Mahira. Mahira tells that she will be Mrs. Karan Luthra soon. She gets pretty surprises from her friends. She awaits Karan. Karan gets Preeta to some restaurant. Preeta asks the reason for their lunch date. Karan wants to spend time with her and also tell about Mahesh. He gets selfies clicked with his fans. He asks Preeta to be with him in the selfies. Mahira calls him to know where is he. Karan asks Preeta to order the food. Mahira asks Karan about his arrival. Karan tells that he will come in some time. Mahira learns that Karan is dining with Preeta.

Beyhadh Conspiracy

She leaves the party to meet him and confront. She feels insecure of Preeta. She thinks Preeta is going to snatch her fiance. She goes missing from the party. Sherlyn looks for her. She learns Mahira has gone out. Mahira drives rashly. Sherlyn calls her. Mahira tells her that Karan is with Preeta, she will slap Preeta by insulting her. Sherlyn doesn’t want Mahira to make such a mistake that she falls in Karan’s eyes. Mahira doesn’t listen to Sherlyn.

Best comment by Adz:
Yes definitely it’s about time he has to put sherlyn in her place. Has for mahira she needs to go back from where ever it is she came.

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  1. Can you plsssssss do make over of preeta jiiiiii. She typically looks bhenjiiii type. All serials actress are modern why she looks old she looks like Karan’s elder sister or bhabhi. Do some changes.

  2. Yap pls end the show same story sherlin Myra poor preeta in shit Karan savior what is going on you don’t have something new to show then end the series pls.


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