Kumkum Bhagya Dimple entry New plans for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Dimple entry New plans for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Dimple entry New plans for Ranbir Ranbir cheers up Prachi and asks her to pack her stuff, so that he can rush and drop her home. She is worried for his future. He asks her not to feel bad of Pallavi’s words. She thinks their friendship will break if he marries Maya. He asks her not to think of anything such, he won’t marry Maya. He tells that Maya won’t come in her life. He tells that he won’t let anything happen to their friendship. He promises her that he will never let anything ruin their bond. She gets relieved and smiles. He just wants to marry her. He thinks his fate isn’t supporting him, but he will always be with him. Ranbir drops Prachi home.

He tells Pragya that he is much sad. Prachi tells Pragya that she failed in her life. Pragya asks why are they so upset. Ranbir and Prachi tell Pragya that Maya is also willing to marry him now, the engagement can’t be skipped now. Ranbir tells them that he can’t marry Maya, he is much stressed, Maya’s dad is threatening them. Prachi asks him not to make the tragedy look into a comedy by his melodrama. She asks Pragya to give some solution. Sarita tells that she can give them an idea if they want to listen. She tells that they should get Maya married to someone else, so that Ranbir gets saved.

Prachi tells that Maya loved some guy and would be still interested in him. She wants to speak ill about Ranbir so that Maya loses interest in him. Ranbir tells that the plan isn’t good. They ask Sarita to clarify the next idea. Sarita asks him to get married and then avoid Maya. She tells that the filmi drama can save him, if his fake wife comes to prove that he is already married, then his marriage with Maya will break. Ranbir likes the second idea. They are sure that this idea won’t fail. Pragya asks who will be playing his fake wife. Ranbir tells that Chobey gives importance to respect first.

Pragya asks Sarita how will she arrange the NGO women to support them in fake plan. Ranbir wants a back up. He doesn’t want to bear injustice. Prachi tells Ranbir that they will stop the engagement by carrying out the plan on the same day. He thanks Sarita for saving his life. Prachi hugs Pragya happily. On the other hand, Kohlis are planning to get saved from Chobey. Aaliya arranges a lawyer for them. The lawyer Yadav tells them that Chobey will be going to the jail for threatening them. Vikram shows the video to Aaliya and the lawyer. Yadav asks them to delete the video, which can make them lose the case. Ranbir comes home and learns about the court case.

Yadav tells that Chobey will show the video in the court and easily defeat them. He suggests them to have an out of the court settlement. Aaliya asks him to sort some way. Yadav tells them that Ranbir should refuse for the marriage, but he will be accused too. Ranbir worries that there is no legal way to get saved. He doesn’t tell his new plan to the family. He wants Chobey to break the alliance. Aaliya finds him too stressed. Vikram wants his son’s happiness.

Kahaan Hum Tum Best Episode

Aaliya tells that she will meet Chobey’s senior to put pressure on him Sarita calls a girl who would be playing Ranbir’s wife. Ranbir and Prachi disapprove her. Sarita tells that Dimple is an actor, she will save them from Maya. Ranbir asks Dimple to be sure of her decision of playing his wife. He flirts with her. Prachi grows jealous. She scolds him for always doing stupid things and inviting troubles.

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