Kundali Bhagya Deadly Sherlyn Mahira plan Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Deadly Sherlyn Mahira plan Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Deadly Sherlyn Mahira plan Preeran shocked Karan promises Preeta that he will always be with her and protect her. Mahira reaches the restaurant and finds them together. She happens to watch their romance. She keeps an eye on them. Preeta asks him can he go against his family for his sake. She thanks him for the support. She is glad that he values her. He asks her to be happy since she is safe now. She questions him if the faith between them is restored. She tells him that the faith matters to her, she wants his true answer. She asks him if he is really going to marry Mahira. Karan asks her to ask her heart. Mahira gets angry seeing Karan assuring Preeta. Karan tells Preeta that he can’t marry Mahira. Preeta gets happy when he confesses love to her.

He tells Preeta that he loves her. With a clear love confession for the first time, Preeta gets on cloud nine. Mahira loses her cool and creates a scene by insulting Preeta. She tells Preeta that Karan is her fiance. Preeta warns her to stay away from Karan. She tells that Karan is her husband. Mahira slaps Preeta in anger. Karan replies Mahira by slapping her. He warns her to stay away from Preeta. Mahira feels Preeta is at fault. She wants to make Preeta out of her way. Karan tells her that he loves Preeta and Preeta loves him, they will always love each other.

He tells how important Preeta is. He protects Preeta. He jerks off Mahira in anger. Mahira feels humiliated. This mega dramatic scene turns out to be Sherlyn’s dream. Sherlyn doesn’t want Mahira to reveal her hatred for Preeta in front of Karan and risk the chance of marrying him. She calls Mahira to stop her from exposing her truth. Mahira tells her that Karan is with restaurant. She tells that if she gets angry on Preeta, then Karan will get against her. She asks Mahira to realize Preeta’s trap for Karan. She asks Mahira to play the same game as Preeta. She assures that she will explain her plan.

Mahira agrees to Sherlyn and leaves from the restaurant. Sherlyn lies to Kritika about Mahira. Karan and Preeta enjoy their dinner. She asks him not to have spicy noodles. He takes the challenge. He feels like crying because of the chilli. Preeta asks him to have water. He doesn’t listen to all. She feeds him the honey to relieve him. She likes it when he behaves like a kid. She takes care of him. A photographer likes their moment and clicks a picture. Karan makes him delete the picture. Kritika gets into an argument with Sherlyn when she doesn’t find Mahira. Sherlyn stops her by apologizing. She doesn’t want Kritika to create problems.

She meets Mahira and warns her about the mistake. Mahira tells that she is losing her cool on seeing Karan with Preeta. She asks the plan. Sherlyn tells that she also went through the same pain. She tells that Karan used to hate Preeta, his hatred went away when Preeta shed tears and asked for his help. She tells that Preeta creates such situations like a damsel in distress and called Karan for help, he always likes to help the troubled girls, he likes to make his image better by having that angelic avatar. She asks Mahira to get his attention by asking for his help. She asks her to use the hatred for Preeta and get smart.

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She is sure that Mahira can take Preeta’s life. She asks her to not boss around and act helpless so that his heart feels guilty. Karan tells Preeta that he doesn’t want to get unwanted media attention. Preeta asks him to learn and control his anger, so that he has a better life. She gets Sarla’s call and doesn’t want Sarla to know that she is with Karan. Karan attends Mahira’s call and apologizes for not coming in the party. She asks him to come to the party, she has a bet with her friends, she will wait for him.

She compels him to wait. He thinks why does he want to spend time with Preeta by risking Mahira’s pride. Sherlyn makes an evil plan and asks Mahira to put herself in huge danger. Mahira doesn’t think Karan will come on her call.

Sherlyn tells her that it should be a life threatening situation, so that Karan runs to save her. Mahira gets scared to risk her life. Karan teases Preeta for doing makeup and coming. He compliments her. Preeta tells that she was attending Sarla’s call. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she isn’t ready for the plan. Sherlyn tells that they will light up fire and then call Karan, he will surely come. Mahira agrees when Sherlyn assures to keep her safe. Mahira and Sherlyn make a new plan to separate Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta rush to save Mahira on knowing the huge threat.

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