Tujhse Hai Raabta Moksh panicking Atharv huge revelation

Tujhse Raabta Mastani exposed Kalyani in grave danger

Tujhse Hai Raabta Moksh panicking Malhar Kalyani Moksh gets locked in a room, which worries Malhar and Kalyani. Kalyani gets to see a girl at the police station who complains about Atharv. She tries to know about the girl, who is actually Swara in disguise. Swara doesn’t want Kalyani to know about her. She runs away. Kalyani also wants to get help from the police. Atharv hinders her and tries to know what is she planning against him. Kalyani tells that she is trying to find out the mysterious caller who used Rachit’s name to mislead her. She wants to know her enemy. Atharv doesn’t react. Kalyani realizes that the same man has blackmailed the girl who just came to ask for help.

It gets disclosed that Atharv is troubling Swara as well. He was the blackmailer who was threatening Swara by using her pictures. He doesn’t want Kalyani to find any details. He removes the power plugs and tricks Kalyani. She fails to know anything about the culprit. A man misbehaves with Kalyani, which angers Malhar. The man tells that Kalyani has cheated a decent man like Malhar. Malhar asks him not to comment on his personal life. Kalyani answers the man in her way. She doesn’t care for anything. Malhar ousts the man. He gets a shocking call about Moksh, being locked in a room.

He informs Kalyani about Moksh. Anupriya doesn’t want to talk about Kalyani. She rages on hearing her name. Sarthak consoles her. Anupriya wants to forget about her. She spends time with Sarthak. Moksh gets crying when he sees no one around. Malhar wants to rush home and save him. He wants Kalyani to come along, but goes away, being worried for Kalyani’s coming child. She secures her baby and goes to save Moksh. Sarthak reminds Anupriya about her cooking skills. She doesn’t remember much. Kalyani rushes to home.

YRHPK Drugged drama in Rajvansh house

Anupriya feels Kalyani doesn’t care for herself. Sampada panics for Moksh. Malhar’s police jeep breaks down. He finds Kalyani rushing home on a scooter. He fixes his jeep and rushes to his house. The entire family tries to save Moksh. Malhar reaches home and speaks to Moksh to stop him from falling down. Sampada blames Malhar. Anupriya and Sarthak come home and learn about Moksh in trouble. Malhar tries to break the door and save Moksh from falling. Will Kalyani and Malhar save Moksh? Keep reading.


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