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Rishtey Upcoming Starplus Romance Plotting Drama Meenakshi wants to break Mishti and Kuhu’s bond. Mishti is much upset because of Abir. She goes from her room. Abir looks for her. He comes across Parul, who is tolerating a servant’s misbehavior. Abir takes a stand for her. He scolds the servant and sends him away. He asks Parul to raise her voice. He is indebted to her for her dedication towards the family. He tells her that she has done a lot for the family, and still doesn’t get deserved respect. He asks if she doesn’t feel bad. She tells him that the family will lose peace and harmony if she raises her voice, she will never oppose the family.

She tells that Meenakshi’s sacrifice is bigger, since she has kept her Sautan home by going against the society. She tells that she is blessed to get such a family, she can do anything for them, Meenakshi is like her sister. She knows that Meenakshi is the head of the family and gave her a place in their lives. He tells that Meenakshi didn’t accept her by heart. She tells that little fights do happen. She explains him by taking Mishti and Kuhu’s case, where Mishti puts more efforts to keep the family united. She asks him to always support Mishti.

On the other hand, Kunal asks Meenakshi to not hurt Abir by dragging the matter further. She tells him that she has a right to know about the person harming Abir. He tells that she isn’t wrong but she has to think of Abir’s decision. He asks her to at least agree for his sake. She tells him that she will keep his request. Mishti overhears them. She apologizes to Kunal for overhearing his conversation. He tells that there is nothing to hide, she need not apologize. He tells her that he has become a mediator to solve Abir and Meenakshi’s fights. He wants the family to be happy.

He knows Mishti will take care of Abir. He thinks if he should talk to Kuhu. She doesn’t know what to advice him. Abir and Mishti want to talk and end their fight. Kuhu meets Abir and confesses her unintentional mistake. She tells that she did wrong to be silent and risking his life. She promises to never repeat her mistake. Jasmeet fills Varsha’s ears against Mishti. Varsha doesn’t come in her words. She tells that its not Mishti’s duty to defend Kuhu always. Jasmeet insults Parul. Rajshri overhears them and thanks Varsha for supporting Mishti. She feels Mishti was silent for a reason, she didn’t want to oppose Meenakshi. Varsha understands that Mishti isn’t wrong.

She calls Meenakshi to defend her daughter. Meenakshi tells that she has closed the chapter on Abir and Kunal’s word. She tells about the company inauguration event. She invites them too. She tells that Mishti will be running the company from now on. She wants Mishti to inaugurate the company and make a fresh start. Rajshri tells Meenakshi that Mishti would want her to inaugurate the company. She also wants Meenakshi to lead Kuhu and Mishti. She tells Varsha that she will talk to Mishti and ask her to give the honour to Meenakshi. Varsha totally understands Rajshri’s concern. Kuhu doesn’t want Abir to come in Mishti’s words.

Abir tells her that he believes her, but he can’t tolerate such mistake again. He thinks that Nanu would have got critical if he had consumed that spiked coffee. He asks her not to invite troubles by keeping secrets. She doesn’t want him to tell this to Kunal, since its not the right time. He asks her to not keep secrets with Kunal. She asks him to stop Mishti from revealing this to anyone. He promises her. He makes her apologize to Parul. Parul blesses Kuhu and is happy with the respect.

Mishti is hurt that Abir isn’t understanding her. Meenakshi tells them about the new event. Kuhu wants to handle the event, but Meenakshi stops her. She tells that everyone will contribute their efforts and plan the grand event. Abir and Mishti join Kunal and Kuhu. Abir and Mishti stay disturbed by the silence between them. Mishti tells that she can do anything to keep the family united. Abir senses she is annoyed. He plans a romantic surprise to make up for his mistake. He also tries to make Kunal accept Parul as his mother.

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