YRKKH Kaira to blast evil doers with huge revelation

Kaira to blast evil doers with huge revelation
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YRKKH Kaira to blast evil doers with huge revelation Kartik and Naira want to celebrate Holi with the family. They sound confident and tell the family that they have a special video for them to see. Naira tells that they will never be able to forget the day. Javeri gets scared to get the other meaning from her words. He tells Abhishek that Naira surely has the evidence against them. He goes to stop her. Kairav and Vansh unknowingly call the dhol people and neighbors inside, who sing and dance with Goenkas. They soon take Kartik and Naira for the dance as well. Naira drops the memory card by mistake. She tries to tell Naksh about the fallen card, so that he can pick and secure it.

Javeri finds the card lying near the projector. He wants to go and get it before anyone else. Everyone looks happy while they dance and play holi. Javeri keeps an eye on Naira. When he goes to pick the card, Naira reaches first and takes the card. She goes to play the video as soon as possible. Javeri blocks her and tries to snatch the card. She refuses to give it to him. He asks her to give the card if she wants to save herself. He pushes her to get the card. She falls in the pit. She shouts for help. Javeri asks Abhishek to lock her up fast before anyone sees her. They go away while Naira shouts to her family. Kartik feels she is in trouble.

He asks Naksh for her. Naksh tells that she has gone to play the video. Kartik fails to find her. This worries him a lot more. Javeri tells that Naira is very smart and determined, she has got the video evidence against Lav, Kush and Abhishek. Abhishek asks him to kill Naira so that they get saved. He tells that Naira will tell Goenkas about them if she returns. Javeri realizes he is right, Naira will not spare them. He tells that he will kill Naira and bury her in the same pit. He starts the fog machine and lays the pipe in the pit so that she dies inside. Naira asks him to let her go.

He tells that she is a threat for his son, he will not let her ruin Abhishek’s life. He wants Naira to die. Naira falls helpless. She gains courage and tries different things to get everyone’s attention. The family doesn’t hear her screams because of the loud music. Samarth asks Gayu to maintain distance from Naira, who doesn’t have any respect for Goenkas. This upsets Gayu. She is much concerned for her sister. She knows Naira is already going through a lot of pain. She wishes that at least Samarth supports Kartik and Naira.

Samarth wants Gayu’s pregnancy to be safe. Kartik asks them for Naira. They find him worried and look for Naira. They fail to see her fallen inside the pit. Kairav and Vansh go to play with the fog machine and come across Naira, who keeps shouting for help. Naira dreams of parting away from Kartik and Kairav’s lives. She inhales the smoke and feels suffocated. She faints down. The kids soon call Kartik and Naksh to inform about Naira’s helpless state. Kartik rescues Naira, while Manish suspects Javeri and nabs him in time. Kartik and Naira don’t let go the evil doers and expose them in time, by revealing the video.

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