Colors Naati Pinky Arjun critical twists Shakti upcoming

Colors Naati Pinky Arjun critical twists Shakti upcoming

Colors Naati Pinky Arjun critical twists Shakti upcoming Nandu takes magic cola for Pinky, but somehow she doesn’t drink it. Pinky dances during holi celebration. Gagan comes to Pinky in disguise and gives her cola. Pinky is about to drink, but Arjun comes running and throws the glass from Pinky’s hand. He calls Gagan. Gagan and Arjun have a fight.

Gagan pushes Arjun from the terrace and the latter falls down on a sharp edge. Pinky shouts Arjun ji. Arjun gets critically injured. Pinky gets a huge shock on finding Arjun stabbed by the metal rod. She rushes to save his life. She removes the dagger from his body. She realizes that she loves Arjun when she thinks she can’t live without him.

She doesn’t want Arjun to die. Arjun has risked his life to save Pinky from evil Gagan. Pinky cries for Arjun. She asks someone to help her and take Arjun to the hospital. She will be saving Arjun’s life. Pinky tries hard to arrange blood for Arjun. She fails to get any blood units. Doctor asks her to arrange the blood soon, since Arjun is critical after huge blood loss. Pinky makes calls and tries hard to get a donor. Doctor informs them that Arjun’s operation is done and Arjun is shifted to ICU.

Heer gets a courier on her name. Courier guy tells them that there is a letter on her name. Harak Singh receives it and tells that it is job’s offer letter for Heer. Heer gets happy and asks them to make arrangement of her marriage, says that she will marry Virat today itself in the temple. Preeto tries to delay and refuse politely. Heer realizes Preeto has taken her fake swear and blames her for betraying her. While she gets uncontrollable and rebellious for her love, her family members get worried. Virat also gets rebellious and realizes that his parents have betrayed him. He gets adamant to marry Heer.

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