Kundali Bhagya Hopeless Karan Predictable sobbing Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Hopeless Karan Predictable sobbing Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Hopeless Karan Predictable sobbing Preeta Preeta defends herself that she is Mahesh’s well-wisher, she can never harm him. She accepts the fact that she wanted to stop Karan’s marriage with Mahira. Karan asks Preeta to leave. Preeta gets hurt and wants to know if he doesn’t believe her. Karan wants her to get away. He feels bad to see her getting insulted by Kareena, Sherlyn and Mahira. Dadi also blames Preeta and curses her. She doesn’t want to forgive Preeta. Rakhi is in shock about Mahesh’s state. She isn’t able to think of anything.

Kareena blames herself for allowing Preeta in her house. She doesn’t want Preeta to hurt anyone else. Shrishti shouts on them to defend her sister. She tells them that Mahesh is like their dad, they can never hurt Mahesh. She calls them wrong to think wrong about Preeta. She justifies Preeta, who stands silent like defeated person. She counts Preeta’s good deeds. Sherlyn tells that they don’t want Preeta, just Preeta was around Mahesh when he fell down. Karan gets enough by hearing the blames on Preeta.

Rakhi also loses courage. She asks Preeta to get away, since they can never have any bond. Preeta gets depressed. Rakhi doesn’t want to accept Preeta in her heart, since she always brought bad news for them. She also believes that Preeta is responsible for Mahesh’s state. Rakhi asks Preeta to leave and never come back in their lives. Shrishti and Preeta sadly leave on Rakhi’s command.

Shrishti tells Preeta that they should tell Sherlyn and Mahira’s plans to Rakhi. Preeta gets much sad since she expected Rakhi to trust her. She recalls Karan and Rakhi’s words. Shrishti supports Preeta and takes her home. Prithvi wakes up in Luthra house. He thinks how did he get locked in the store room. He realizes that someone locked him. He doubts on Karan. He thinks why did Karan lock him up. Sherlyn returns home and frees Prithvi. He wants to know who got him here. She beats him up and asks him to get away. He wants to know what’s going on. She asks him to leave, she will tell him everything. She sends him away.

Sarla and family wait for Preeta and Shrishti. They learn the matter and are much upset. Preeta tells the family that she didn’t do anything, she just wanted to help Mahesh. She tells that she is blamed for pushing Mahesh down the stairs. Sarla knew that Preeta and Shrishti will suffer if they meet Luthras. Preeta tells that even Rakhi didn’t trust her today and ended ties with her. She regrets a lot and sheds tears. Sarla knew this would happen. She gets crying and warns her daughters against meeting Luthras again.

Kareena asks the family not to go against her. She doesn’t want Rishabh to support Aroras. Rishabh is troubled. Kareena asks the family not to keep any terms with Aroras. Sherlyn and Mahira get happy when Kareena limits the family. She tells Karan that he married Preeta for revenge and now he has to forget her. Rishabh gets angry when Kareena and Dadi speak against Aroras. Preeta sheds tears that Karan just stood there and saw her insult. Sarla tells that Luthras have acted as their nature, they aren’t at fault. She feels Preeta and Shrishti did a mistake to go there and get insulted. She tells them that she feels terrible on seeing them humiliated. She warns them against going to Luthras again.

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Best Comment by Weedha:
Kundali Bhagya is worse than Corona virus. It’s better to watch news than watching Preeta crying all the time and Sherlyn’s plan successful all the time.


  1. I was just about starting to like kundali Bhagya because of Karan and Preeta. But this same old story after seeing ydays episode depressed me.
    How can EKTA have the same kind of storyline again and again.its getting disgusting now.if she wants her shows TRP to increase then she better end this silly twists and bring Sherlyn and Mayra’s truth

    • As the storyline is same, monotonous, it is better to watch this serial once in a week. Plot is most stupid. Ekta Kapoor should read our comments. She is lingering the plots in the same way. Boring. Truth is never revealed.

  2. Karan Luthra ek famous dekhaya gya h is show m itna famous cricket hone k babjud inke k ghar pe cctv cameras nhi h ….koi bhi muh utha chle aata h aisa bhi khi hota h kya aaj se phle jitni baar bhi mahesh Luthra koi react..diyah koi nii koi wha p rukta hi thaa pr dekho is hosh aaya to ek bete ko bulane k liye Das Das log chle gye ..kuch to logic lgaa liaa kro..

    • Correct, they leave a sick person alone in the room. Ridiculous.
      Every time Sherlyn and Mahima’s plan get successful.
      Very stupid and unrealistic story. Please some one tell the write, be realistic.

  3. Nonsense going on in the show….Karan is stupid .. No opinion of his own and can’t trust his own love…..evil giri ki hadh hai….this serial should stop now…..utter nonsense….just dragging the story

  4. Respected ekta ma’m you are occupying the prime time of Zee TV and presenting all repeated nonsense melodrama ..think healthy and new, kindly, I beg you…if you cannot hire few fertile brains who can at least give us one hour of meaningful entertainment other than this deadly viral KB series..I’f u cannot kindly give this prime time to other soap where atleast after long 10hours of job we can have some real entertainment in our life…as I am a big fan of ZEE TV….we want t be with the same in future … please..

    • Have never seen such spineless n idiotic people….everybody in Kundali Bhagya is brainless and go wherever those bitches Sherlyn n Mahira take them. Preeta is supposed to be a physiotherapist…. doesn’t she have a practice to take care of instead of shedding meaningless tears over a complete idiot “the Karan Luthra” ….anybody who refers to himself as “the so and so” needs a big kick on his backside. Complete trash!

  5. Hello Ekta ma’am you have created a wonderful show but it’s GTTNG irritating day by day. I never watch this hindi shows but happened to come across this show ..took my interest but this show isn gtng any better.

  6. Kundali Bhagya means preeta will be thrown out of Luthra’s house by blaming her. Again there will be some problem in the Luthra’s house and preeta will be call and again she will be thrown out. It will goes on and on and on. Pritivi is God who can bring out anything from his pocket. Funny serial

    • Me too have stopped watching this regressive serial. The only MAN is Rishab. Karan is a loser. And Preeta please get a life of your own. You are a doctor and there are many wonderful guys out there. No need to always cry for person who doesn’t trust you. He will never do. Leave these hopeless aroras to cry for their sins. @EKTA KAPOOR please get a handsome hero for Preeta. I am fed up of her crying ????

  7. Satya par kabhi trust nahi karega kyu always galat logo ka hi weening hota hai really wrong writing serial logs ka Satya par sev bharosa udh jayega

  8. Possibly the worst serial please change the storyline this is 2020 where false accusations is punishable by law. Ee are intelligent people dont pass writers lack of intelligence on to us

  9. It is better not to watch this show because it is jst useless same drama every week. They bonds together and afterwards sheds into tears as usual. This show is jst fucking boring now. No suspense nothing jst repeating the same thing with different events. I m tired now by this show. Totally disgusting by the director and the whole casts, they should go against him and change the whole show now into an interesting story.

  10. Seriously this show along with kumkum bhagya is a complete crap… I think they don’t even need a writer bcos the same story goes round n round… It’s a request that everyone should stop watching this show so that the trp goes down… It’s the most irritating serial of this decade….

  11. Is serial m story kuch bachi nhi h ab bas preeta roti rahti h or sharleen sabko pagal banati rahti h.. Sharleen kabhi expose nhi hogi

  12. Stop this bullshit story already its getting worse and worse change the story already make it more entertaining get rid of the bad peoples

  13. Am not gonna watch any more.. This is too much. Same evil winning over and over again… all good deeds and being poor and good upbringing have no place in this show.. Sad ?

  14. Funnily Sherlyn has been pregnant for over a year and the Cameras are never looked at and a patient is left on his own all the time I think Ekta thinks the viewers are STUPID This show as well as Kumkum should be terminated immediately Even the Actors should be Banned Total Rubbish

  15. This kumkum bhagya and kundali is just trash and waste of time.
    So dumb and boring. Gosh!
    So trash the crab! if you don’t have a better story line.

  16. Kundali bhagya ke sabhi characters ek hi tarah ki acting karke bore nahin Ho jaate vahi vahi repeat karte ho Ham to dekh Kar Bor Ho jaate Hain aap log karke Bor nahin hote ekta mam Kahani mein kuchh naya twist liye Varna ye show band kar dijiye serial vahi ka vahi fir se repeat ho jata

  17. I don’t know who has written the plot of Kundali Bhagya. It is only being extended. Why always the evil wins? The good doesn’t even get one chance to win. The truth is never out. The last two episodes were the worst episodes. The serial is full of lies. It has become boring.


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