Kundali in circles Preeta bold decision Unfaithful Karan

Kundali in circles Preeta bold decision Unfaithful Karan

Kundali in circles Preeta bold decision Unfaithful Karan Dadi and Kareena ask Karan, Rishabh and Rakhi to completely forget Aroras, that they had a good bond with them before. Dadi tells that Aroras have hurt them a lot and gave them sorrow. She tells that they will live happily now, without Aroras coming in their lives. She gets emotional when she tells Rakhi that they have to think about securing Mahesh first. She asks Rakhi to be strong and forget Preeta forever.

She tells that Preeta helped them, but caused harm to Mahesh. She doesn’t want to forgive Preeta. Rishabh can’t believe that Preeta can hurt Mahesh. He feels upset that none in the family understands Preeta. Ramona tells them that she disliked Preeta, knowing about the legal notice sent by her. She is happy that Preeta is finally away. Rakhi tells them that she didn’t know that Preeta will back stab them. Sherlyn is happy that this time even Rakhi got against Preeta. Dadi asks Rakhi to forget Preeta’s few good deeds. Kareena tells that Preeta acted to be good towards them just for the sake of their property.

Sameer and Kritika also feel bad. Sherlyn thinks Rishabh has got tight-lipped now, he isn’t able to support Preeta. She thinks she has won completely. On the other hand, Preeta does what she is best at. She keeps crying, while Shrishti emotionally pacifies her. Preeta tells Biji that Karan had postponed the marriage date, Sherlyn and Mahira planned to intoxicate Karan.

She reveals that Mahira wanted to rush for the marriage by her cheap act. She tells that Sherlyn and Mahira maybe responsible for Mahesh’s state, but they accused her. She feels sorry that Karan is also doubting on her. She tells that she had gone to save Karan from Mahira’s cheat, but she got trapped like always. Janki tells that Preeta should have not gone to Luthras, who are completely senseless and thankless. She asks Preeta to stop tolerating their hatred. She wants Preeta to think about herself, its time that she moves on in life.

She reminds that Sherlyn kidnapped Sarla and tried to kill her, when Sarla tried to expose her. She warns Preeta against getting enmity with dangerous Sherlyn. Biji asks Preeta to just have hope on her fate, Sherlyn will ruin Luthras soon. She doesn’t want Preeta to risk herself, since Luthras themselves want to get ruined by their evil Bahus. Sarla gets sad to see tears in Preeta’s eyes. She doesn’t want to encourage Preeta to prove her truth. She thinks its better that Preeta stays away from Luthras. Elsewhere, Mahira is happy that her plan worked, she has separated Karan and Preeta. She shares her happiness with Sherlyn.

She tells that she can do anything now, she will be marrying Karan soon, everyone hates Preeta. Sherlyn tells her that they will fuel the fire. Kareena suggests that Karan and Mahira shall get married soon. Rakhi doesn’t think they should hurry. Ramona praises Kareena and supports her decision. Dadi calls Karan and Rishabh to discuss about the marriage. Mahira gets surprised on hearing about the marriage date fixed. But, Karan is in shock. Karan wants to refuse for the marriage, since he loves Preeta. Kareena wants him to hate Preeta.

She tells him that she wants to protect her family, he has to marry Mahira and end Preeta’s way to return to them. Rishabh gets worried for Karan’s future. Sherlyn tries to blame Preeta again. Rishabh limits her. Kareena asks him if he doesn’t love Mahesh, if he has forgiven Preeta for attacking Mahesh. She wants to block Preeta’s entry in the house. Dadi tells that she can’t forgive Preeta for this big mistake. Kareena tells that they will get Karan and Mahira married tomorrow itself, so that Preeta doesn’t claim any right on their property.

Preeta tells Shrishti that she will not cry for Luthras now, she will not have any terms with them. Shrishti wants her to stay happy. She consoles Preeta. She knows that Sherlyn and Mahira are manipulating Luthras. Preeta takes the bold decision to cut off all her love feelings for Karan. She should keep her self esteem this time. What will Karan do now? Will he marry Mahira by being unfaithful towards Preeta? Keep reading.

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Best comment by Ruchi:
Seriously this show along with kumkum bhagya is a complete crap… I think they don’t even need a writer bcos the same story goes round and round. It’s a request that everyone should stop watching this show so that the trp goes down. It’s the most irritating serial of this decade.


  1. Seriously this show along with kumkum bhagya is a complete crap… I think they don’t even need a writer bcos the same story goes round and round. It’s a request that everyone should stop watching this show so that the trp goes down. It’s the most irritating serial of this decade. I agree with this comment

  2. Karan is a brainless, back-boneless stupid guy who apparently just wants to have fun with girls, and not at all serious with any one of them. He is only playing with their sentiments. The punishment and the Place for such fellows for eve-teasing and double crossing is—-The Jail Karan should be sent there to the Prison instead of Preeta

  3. सलीनऔर माहिरा जितनी जल्दी हो उसका पर्दाफाश करें नहीं तो सिर्फ बकवास हो जाएगा कुंडली भाग पूरी तरह से बकवास हो जाएगा बिल्कुल अच्छा नहीं लगेगा

    • According to Indian law when person is married he or she cannot get married again. What does this show want to prove by marrying Karan?? Even preeta before was to marry Prithvi. Are makers trying to mislead people?? Zee TV should stop them immediately asap

  4. Same crap over and over. Why did shrylin an miraha get away with the lies they frame preeta wit for trying to kill miraha an preeta was sent to jail about 3 or 4 times for that and shrylin an miraha get away scotch free wit it they never put dem out but they always throwing out preeta well its proven that karan is a senseless chicken cause he cannot think for himself. An karena always demanding karan an rishab who they have to marry.Rishab should marry preeta now. Because karan is goin to marry miraha an he’s still married to preeta I dont understand how these people are so foolish. They should stop show this

  5. All the truth came out that Preeta never harm anyone but they still blaming her. Such fools. I dislike karena,shrylin,miraha, karan an that old woman for all being blind to wat shrylin saying.

  6. I think there is a twist somewhere down the line
    sherlyn is going to have an elephant. She’s been pregnant for what 2years now and still not showing?
    If it were a human baby it would have been born already and be like a year and a half old by now!

  7. Seriously bakwas and boring
    In this serial Ekta kapoor is showing ki jhut hi jitata hai or sahi harta hai

    I have also stopped watching this
    Bakwaas ho gays hai ye

  8. Pls writers pls show something interesting, villans sherlyn, prithvi, mahira never expose from starting of the serial, goodness never wins only bad people can win, this msg u want to give through this serial, other serials shows they expose the villan n end tht track n start the new story, but this crap serial shows same since beginning

  9. You’re all right with everything You have to say about these shows it’s the most stupid show I’ve ever watch we need to (STOP WATCHING)it and boycott, it portrait woman as stupid as well as Indians people, it teaches young women and men notting except to be evil I stop watching others English movies and all I watch is garbage calling my cable companies and cutting them off nonsense,

  10. This film is a bad influence on marriages and relationships, pls adjust your story lines.
    All the time, the wicked and bad ones always wi .

  11. Yes, ofcourse keep reading, cause the stories is the same, utter rubbish, over and over, who wrote and directed this nonsense, seems like Kim Kim bhagya story line. Total nonsense, people hav lost interest now, it’s so boring

  12. Ya stop watching this serial,thr is always a limit for everything but here sherlyn has cro the limit, repeating same thing again and again,when will they get exposed,start a new story line,got bored now,from today onwards i will stop watching this show,the biggest fool in this show is karan

  13. IS THERE NOTHING POSITIVE AND GOOD IN PEOPLE!!!!! MOST BRAINLESS SICKENING IDIOTIC SHOWS BOTH KUMKUM & KUNDALI!!! Nothing new……. same old same old repeated plots hero who doesn’t have an ounce of faith in the woman he supposedly cares for… he doesn’t even know her character!!!!! Spineless whiney heroine…… her mother the worst forever screaming like a banshee….a bunch of puking lunatics and with a vacuous director!!!!!! YUK YUK

  14. The trp of the show should go so low that the director will start thinking of something new to make the show interesting…. Otherwise it’s as if kuch bhi bakwaas chaltha hai…actually by now the Luthras should have come on to the roads as Sherilyn has been planning to get hold of the property since so long

  15. The most insulting show that I have so far seen. It is always portraying that evil is right and right is wrong, rich men can marry as many times as they want. Why doesn’t Kareena get married again? Women are supposed to live by the traditional rules while men can break them? What is Ekta Kapoor, being a woman, upto? Why can’t she show some respect for women?

  16. Serials should be actually of short duration. People get boring with the same kind of story being repeated and dragging the serial for years. Better to have new ideas and interesting stories keeping in mind of the new generation.

  17. The amount of money Sherlyn and Prthvi have spent on hiring goons…. They hire cops and goons like one hires a cab …simply ridiculous….they get away with everything….. If there are cameras in Malhotra’s family why can’t they check them to see who pushed Mahesh down from the stairs…. Too many loops in the show

  18. I agree with u all. But I feel they is some twist. Karan will expose mahira n sheryln. If u have noticed during holi Karan n preeta was sleeping there was somebody who was clicking the pictures. That flash we would see. So I feel now sheryln n mahira will be exposed. Just wait and watch

  19. I don’t think so karan will marry mahira.this serial is number one scrap who ever watching are fools.totaly sickning and vomiting please end this scrap. Stupid serial.

  20. Kundali Bgagya in a nutshell:
    Karan is a mindless twerp who believes everything. He can’t make a decision to save his life.
    Bigamy is OK. No sweat.
    Preeta has no self respect. A spineless cry baby.
    Sherilyn, Punnu baby & Mahira get all the lucky breaks. When Karan, Preeta & gang are plotting something, the villains always eavesdrop. When the villains are plotting, the good guys are called off at the nth minute.
    When Mahesh is coming out of a coma, it is OK for the family to abandon him & leave him alone.
    Sherilyn must be at least 5 months pregnant but has washboard abs.
    Logic anyone?

  21. Continuously watching this serial will fill your home with negative energy and you will be deprived of any auspicious events in your house

  22. Seriously preeta are you dumb or acting to be one in show cause can’t you use you todbrain in manipulation you got married to Karan Dhaaaa!!!! Use your deemak and bold like sherlin and enter forcefully claim your rights do something Gal don’t act bechari omg whole series is you crying your mother crying what the crap

  23. I think that Karen is going to marry Maira but their marriage will be null and void because he is already married to Preetha and Sherlyn and Maira will be exposed once Karan sees the pics and realise that Preetha was with him so how could she be accused of pushing Maesh uncle down the stairs…i am totally disappointed with this show coz its repetitive.

  24. I agree totally with Ruchi. I dont bother watching Kundali or Kumkum any longer. Same crap different episodes. Get kidnapped, go to prison, why dont the evil people get caught. Sherlyn, Pritvi,Mahira, Kareena, Aliya, Rhea…. Come up with a better story. Your scripts are now predictable and boring…

  25. Bhua is not concerned about her own daughter but worried about brothers kids “weirdo” let Karan mother do some performance. And Sameer he is not servent..
    Karan and rishab they are useless yappers…
    Sherilyn what kind of pregnancy is that no one is noticed

    Stupid shows all the characters are garbage except Sameer.


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