Kumkum Breaking news Ranbir Maya Sangeet prep

Kumkum Breaking news Ranbir Maya Sangeet prep

Kumkum Breaking news Ranbir Maya Sangeet prep Shahana breaks the big news of Ranbir’s proposal for Prachi to Sarita and Pragya. Pragya tells that she likes Ranbir a lot, Prachi should accept the proposal. Sarita tells that they will not scold her, they are happy for her. She wants to talk to Kohlis about the alliance. Prachi asks them to listen to her once. Sarita calls up Kohlis and informs about Ranbir and Prachi. She tells them that Ranbir has already told his family about the alliance, Kohlis are getting shagun for the Roka ceremony. The family rejoices. It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination.

She doesn’t want to tell anyone about Ranbir’s proposal. Abhi comes across his favorite Ranbir, who wants his advice. Ranbir tells Abhi that he has already told his lover that he loves her, but there is a problem. Abhi thinks Ranbir wants his approval. Ranbir tells him that his lover got aggressive and left. Abhi thinks that’s why Rhea left for the holiday.

He tells Ranbir that its natural reaction from his lover, since Rhea has following his footsteps, she is nervous, but she will be in his life soon. He doesn’t name Rhea, but talks about her. Ranbir talks of Prachi and is relieved by Abhi’s guarantee. He assures that he will fulfill all of Ranbir’s dreams. Ranbir is overjoyed with Abhi’s word. Abhi misses Kiara, who is just like him. Abhi and Pragya cry for Kiara. Sarita asks Pragya if she should come later. Pragya lets Sarita know about Kiara. Abhi and Pragya see Kiara’s picture and show it to their dear ones, Meera and Sarita. Pragya tells that she is living without Kiara, which she never thought of.

Sarita tells that she is living for Prachi now. Pragya tells that Kiara was Abhi’s photocopy. Abhi tells the same to Meera. Meera also thinks Kiara looks like Abhi. Abhi and Pragya tell about Kiara’s habits. They cherish Kiara’s memories. Meera asks Abhi if Rhea is identical to Pragya. Abhi tells that Rhea is like him, Prachi is like Pragya. He feels that its strange that Prachi resembles Pragya so much, her simplicity and honesty. Abhi shares a laugh. Aaliya doesn’t hear about Prachi. She is glad that Abhi is smiling in Meera’s company. Kohlis share a light moment. Vikram pulls Pallavi’s leg when she was trying to trick him.

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Meanwhile, Chobey and family arrive to meet Kohlis. Chobey praises the alliance, that Ranbir is one in a million, Maya is lucky to get a guy like him. He asks Ranbir to prepare for the Sangeet function. Vikram and Ranbir think what to do. Chobey talks in a threatening tone. Maya tells Ranbir that they will be happy after their marriage. She shows respect for him. Ranbir calls Prachi to take her help. Prachi is nervous and doesn’t answer his calls. Ranbir thinks the reason for her ignorance. He wants to tell her about Maya and his Sangeet.

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  1. Another most Idiotic story-line is coming up in this Stupid, Crap serial Kumkum. Nearly after 3 decades, that is 30years—-all of a sudden Abhi and Pragya have started missing their Dead Daughter Kiara , who it seems the writers have suddenly thought of reviving and bringing her back to Life. How very funny and stupid the Writers are??? Abhi and Pragya nor their 2 daughters Prachi and Rhea have never seen or met each other after the separation of 20 or 25years and now suddenly from no where, amidst so much Confusion and Chaos between Ranbir–Prachi and Rhea, which they as parents they are unable to solve—–and now Abhi and Pragya have individually, sitting in their respective rooms of their houses, and started thinking after 30 years of their dead daughter. Why are they adding more Misery, Complications and headache, to the already existing Confusion


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