Maya Rudra terrific upcoming in Beyhadh Season 2

Beyhadh Rudra in danger Maya exhibits dark hatred

Maya Rudra terrific upcoming in Beyhadh Season 2 Rudra seeks Vikram’s help and asks him to inform him if he gets to know anything about Maya. Vikram is relieved that Rudra left soon. He takes care of Maya. He doesn’t want Rudra to reach Maya and create troubles for her. He wants to secure Maya and keep his promise. He recalls the times when he trained her and made her a strong individual. He fell in love with Maya. He had promised Maya that he will always protect her.

He recalls the moment when he proposed Maya for marriage. She had married him just to step ahead in her revenge motive. Vikram feels Maya married him just to cheat him badly. He had given her a new identity of Maya Jai Singh. He thinks even when she went to take revenge, she failed once again. He wants to keep her safe. He is sure that none can find her. Rudra and Aamir try hard to find Maya. Vikram gets obsessed with Maya.

He has saved her life once again from Mrityunjay. He wishes to see her as his bride. He wants to unite with her. He hopes Maya accepts his love. He is ready to forgive her sin of cheating him. Rudra tries to find about Maya. He gets some information about Vikram. Vikram takes good care of Maya and assures that he is the cure to all her problems. He proposes her once again. He tries to get close to Maya. She jerks him away. He tells that he is her husband and holds a right on her. Maya tells him that she can’t love him.

She seeks some time since she doesn’t remember anything about the past. She gets visuals of Rudra. He forces his love on her. She reacts angrily and then apologizes for suffocating him. Rudra misses Rishi and feels sorry that he couldn’t save him. He blames himself for being the worst brother. Mrityunjay tells Rudra that Maya cheated everyone. He doesn’t want Rudra to blame himself. Rudra feels that he should have trusted his family, who were against Maya. He promises to find Maya and kill her. He wants revenge for Rishi’s death.

YRKKH Rama entry upcoming

He tells that he will first know her revenge motives. Vikram apologizes to Maya in a surprising way. She asks Vikram to understand her fragile state and give her time. Aamir finds out about Vikram. Rudra goes to meet Vikram, who hides Maya from him. Maya wants to know about Rudra, feeling some connection with him. Will Vikram let Rudra find Maya? Keep reading.

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