Starplus Kartik finds Kaira Amazing track coming

Starplus Kartik finds Kaira Amazing track coming

Starplus Kartik finds Kaira Amazing track coming Samarth treats Gayu nicely. She gets happy when he asks her to spend time with Vansh. He tells that he doesn’t have any objection if she is with Vansh. Kartik and Naira get to see Samarth keeping Gayu happy. They think Samarth didn’t tell Gayu about Vivaan’s parents, else Gayu would have not been happy. They want to tell Gayu everything so that she stays mentally prepared. Samarth tells them that he will tell Gayu about Vansh’s matter once they get done with Dadi’s birthday. Naira tells Kartik that they have to stop Vivaan’s parents from coming home.

Later, Kartik and Naira are scared of the coronavirus and cancel the grand party event. Kairav asks them to find some way to celebrate for Dadi’s happiness. Naira tells Kartik that they can still celebrate by having a small get together. They discuss about dealing with the Coronavirus. Kartik and Naira spend time and cherish their old memories.

They are happy that they always united after being separated. She is excited that Naksh is getting Kirti and Krish home. She tells Kartik that she can’t wait for them. Singhanias are happy that Kirti and Krish are coming. Naksh informs them that the flight is cancelled due to the Coronavirus scare. The family was planning to welcome Krish and did many preparations. They get sad that they won’t be meeting Krish. Bhabhimaa fears that she will die due to the virus spreading around. Devyaani tells that everyone is at equal risk, they just have to be careful. She doesn’t think that they have to get so afraid and lose their conscious self. Kartik and Naira explain the kids to keep good hygiene and send them to the school.

The family reaches the venue and plan the birthday party. They decide to not call many guests. Manish returns with the kids and tells Kartik that the schools got shut due to the coronavirus fear. He tells that they have to take precautions and fulfill their responsibility. He asks Kartik to give an off to all the office employees. He tells that they should be careful and stay healthy. He tells them that the cake won’t be delivered. Naira tells Manish that they will make a special cake for Dadi, by using the limited resources they have.


The Goenkas plan Dadi’s birthday party and celebrate. Kartik asks the detective to find his daughter at any cost. He asks him to just hurry up in his investigations. He hides the matter from Naira when she asks him. He wants to be sure of the news first and then share with Naira. Kartik gets the detective’s call and learns that his daughter has been found. His happiness gets too high. He can’t express his emotions. He gets the address from the detective. He can’t wait for long. He decides to leave the party and just rush to see his daughter. He tells the detective that he is coming to meet his daughter.

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