Barister Babu Daring Bondita Anirudh proud moment

Barister Babu Anirudh loud defense for Bondita

Barister Babu Daring Bondita Anirudh proud moment Bondita gets caught by Trilochan and Anirudh when the locality men come to complain about her. She doesn’t want to get blamed for stealing the men’s clothing from the river bank. Trilochan doesn’t let anyone insult his young Bahu. He feels Bondita’s respect is related to his family now.

He tells that Bondita can never do wrong and none will question her about her mistake. Trilochan totally supports her and turns down the men’s request for the justice. The men ask Trilochan to just punish Bondita for her naughty act, since its not good to make them feel ashamed. Bondita gets questioned by Anirudh if she has really done such a thing of stealing the men’s clothes. Bondita doesn’t get scared.

She daringly tells Anirudh that she has really done it to teach a lesson to the superior feeling men, who disregard women always. She brings out the mistake of the men by pointing out their intentional move every day. She tells Anirudh that the men have been troubling the women by breaking into their private bath time at the river bank. She asks Anirudh all the valid questions around men and women’s equality. She tells them that she will not tolerate if anyone disrespects women and calls them inferior.

She asks why do the men burden the women with responsibilities, sufferings and pain, when they can’t give enough freedom to the women. She raises a question on the society’s double standards, regarding men’s perception towards the women. Bondita asks if shame is also differentiated for men and women. She wanted the men to feel the same shame which they wanted the women to go through. She asks them to realize their mistake and rectify it.

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She boldly tells them that she will raise her voice for women rights and bring out the wrongs from the society by punishing the wrong doers. Her stance impresses Anirudh a lot. He is just speechless after hearing her right justification. He supports her and calls her right. He tells the men that he will punish them if they break into the women’s privacy. He asks the men not to support wrong principles. Anirudh and Bondita’s similarity strikes Trilochan and Saudamini. Bondita gets a big support in Anirudh. They together want to bring a change in the society.


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