Starplus Holi track Upcoming in Yeh Hai Chahatein

Starplus Holi track Upcoming in Yeh Hai Chahatein

Starplus Holi track Upcoming in Yeh Hai Chahatein Vasu wants to pray in Holika dahan puja. She wants all the problems to end in a moment. She wishes her children stay fine and happy. She tells Gopal that they will be going for the puja and pray for Saransh and Prisha. Gopal looks worried. He gets confronted by the society members, who want to know about the ten lakhs withdrawal. Gopal reveals that he didn’t steal any money, someone has stolen the money from him after he left from the bank.

He tells that he has filed the police complaint and very soon, they will get the money back. The society members get disappointed that he has hidden this matter for long. Gopal tells that he didn’t wish to trouble them and inform them after recovering the money. Vasu thinks until when will she face such tests. Gopal asks her to keep hope, instead worries, they will soon conquer over the problems.

On the other hand, Sharda asks Balraj to let Rudraksh and Prisha perform the holika dahan puja. Balraj doesn’t want to agree, but Niketan convinces him. Prisha wishes that she gets Saransh’s custody back and she leaves from Rudraksh’s life. Rudraksh also prays to get Saransh, Rajeev’s son, forever, without Prisha. He wants to get rid of Prisha. Saransh wants his family to be together. He wishes that Prisha and Rudraksh stay together always. Ahana feels bad that her rights are given to Prisha. She turns jealous and angered. Saransh follows a mysterious lady to know why did she push him last time. The lady locks him up and flees.

Saransh shouts for help. Prisha reaches him in time. She finds him in trouble. She learns about the lady scaring him. She consoles him. Rudraksh also learns the matter and shouts on the servants. Rudraksh cheers up Saransh by talking about the holi fun. Prisha is happy to see their bonding. Prisha and Rudraksh have a fight once again. She finds Balraj with Natasha. She thinks Balraj is doing wrong. She wants to find out the truth and then reveal it to Rudraksh.

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Elsewhere, Ahana feels Prisha is undeserving and still much pampered by the family. She is much upset. Mishka tells that Rudraksh is at fault. They come across Yuvraj, who is desperate to get the job. Yuvraj blames Gopal for ruining his career. He fails to prove himself right. Ahana offers work to Yuvraj to call him home and create a new scene to trouble Prisha.


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