Choti Sardarni Last Episode Meher loves Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Last Episode Meher loves Sarabjeet Sarabjeet cries for Meher on knowing that her life is in deep risk because of her coming child. Doctor gives the word that just either of Meher and her child can get saved after the operation. Sarabjeet prays at Meher’s side and cherishes the moments with her. He thinks of Meher, who has come as a blessing for her. Sarabjeet is in dilemma over choosing Meher or her child.

Sarabjeet thinks Meher is the best mother for Param. He feels proud of his decision to marry her. He gets worried when Meher gets unstable for a while. He then sighs a relief on her normalcy. Meher also thinks that her decision to marry Sarabjeet wasn’t made by heart, but it got Sarabjeet and Param in her life. She feels proud of Sarabjeet, who had understood her life’s truth totally. She is glad that he gave her respect and also support.

She feels he is not less than an angel for him. She respects him even more since the day he gave his name to her child. Sarabjeet and Meher recall their life’s most precious moments. Meher knows Sarabjeet loves her. She feels she has married an angel, not any human. She is happy and leaves her faith on him. She is ready to believe him and his every decision. He has proved to be more close to her than her own family. Sarabjeet has always promised her that he will never leave Meher and her child alone.

Meher doesn’t want Sarabjeet and Param to get away from each other. She wants to ensure that Sarabjeet always stays with his son. She knows Sarabjeet’s true devotion has saved Param and her life. She has fought with death for Param’s sake. She has to still keep the same courage and fight with death for her coming child. She holds good memories of Sarabjeet and Param, their happy family. She loves Param a lot and recalls her first meeting with Param. She didn’t know Param has entered her heart on their first meeting itself.

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Sarabjeet recalls the moments when Meher has proved to be Param’s super mumma. Meher wants to get back to Sarabjeet and Param, but not lose her child. She wants to live with her happy family. She feels indebted to Sarabjeet forever. She develops a feeling of love for Sarabjeet in her life’s critical moment. Meher recalls the times when Sarabjeet risked his life for her sake. She wants to confess love to Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet holds her hand and gives her strength. He wants Meher to open her eyes and talk to him. Doctor asks him to just decide whom to save. What will Sarabjeet decide? Keep reading.

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