Rishtey Mishti in tears Starplus Abir returns to love

Rishtey Mishti in tears Starplus Abir returns to love

Rishtey Mishti in tears Starplus Abir returns to love Mishti lies to Rajshri that she is very happy. Rajshri understands that Mishti is much sorrowful and lying. She asks the matter and learns about Mishti and Abir’s fight. Mishti tells her that Kuhu has become a reason for the mess.

Rajshri wants Mishti to be mature like Abir and sort out the issues. Abir doesn’t want to sound immature. Kunal asks Abir to not avoid the issues and just sort it out. He feels Abir needs his advice now. Abir apologizes for talking to Kuhu rudely. Kunal doesn’t think that Kuhu is right. He also apologizes on his wife’s behalf. Kunal tells Abir that they have much love in between.

He knows that Mishti loves Abir a lot and would never hurt him. He asks Abir to unite with Mishti. He makes Abir realize Mishti’s love. Rajshri makes Mishti realize Abir’s love. She tells Mishti that she can know Abir’s weakness and strengths through the fights. She asks Mishti to just understand Abir well and learn from the fights. She wants Mishti to learn positive things from the negatives. Mishti decides to nurture the relation with much love and faith, so that there is no space of misunderstanding.

Moreover, Mishti is thankful to Rajshri for the advice. Rajshri just wants her children to be happy. She is sure that Kuhu will never suffer because of Mishti. She doesn’t want Mishti to suffer because of Kuhu’s immaturity. Abir and Mishti try to reach out to each other. They fail to connect and then begins their yearning. Will the lovers meet or will Meenakshi do something again to create a new rift between them? Keep reading for more on the show.

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