Barister Babu New Challenges New twists Bondita Anirudh

Barister Babu Anirudh loud defense for Bondita

Barister Babu New Challenges New twists Bondita Anirudh Sadaumini plays a game and gets Anirudh more upset with Bondita. She spoils his baristry certificate to shock him. Binoy and Trilochan lose their cool when Bondita doesn’t accept the blame. They don’t think anyone else can spoil the certificate, knowing its worth. Binoy taunts that Bondita has done right with Anirudh, knowing his wish to bring a revolution.

Trilochan adds that Bondita is completely useless for them, she doesn’t deserve to stay with them, she should be sent back to her mother. He tells that she neither knows cooking nor any household work, she is just mischievous. He tells Anirudh that Bondita doesn’t fit in their family. Anirudh is much stressed about the situation. He has promised Bondita’s mum that he will not leave her. He has taken Bondita’s responsibility. He doesn’t think he is wrong.

Saudamini makes him realize that none is happy with his decision. She stays sweet as his friend and also tries to woo him with love. She tells that even Bondita isn’t happy in his house. She tells that Bondita isn’t comfortable without her mother. She reminds him that he couldn’t tolerate Bondita for one mistake, how will he tolerate him all life. She wants Anirudh to just leave Bondita and also the responsibility. Bondita doesn’t know what will Anirudh decide. She doesn’t want Trilochan’s anger to get high. She wants to go away and calm the elders’ anger.

Anirudh doesn’t think that he shall deny his responsibility. He recalls the challenge accepted to prove himself to his family. He doesn’t think that he will fail to make Bondita capable to ask for her rights. He has promised to support her even in the darkest times. He thinks he can’t leave her alone for a small mistake. He wants to bring a change in the society by supporting the women, and starts his oath keeping by being good towards Bondita. He doesn’t want anyone to taunt him on his country’s treatment towards the women. Anirudh shocks the family by stopping Bondita back and taking the responsibility of changing her bad habits.

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Bondita feels ashamed to stay back in the family while Anirudh solves her problems. He goes against her wish and declares that he will change her habits in a week’s time. Anirudh gets a new challenge from Trilochan and Binoy. He tells that he will leave Bondita to her mother’s place if she makes the house impure for the puja. He is sure that she will change her habits with his moral support.

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