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Kasautii Zindagii Shocker for Prerna 27th July Preview

Kasautii Latest Starplus Prerna Biggest revelation A sweet girl enters Anurag and Prerna’s life. Prerna has become a mother with Sneha’s birth. She isn’t aware that her daughter Sneha is still alive. Sneha gets a new life by destiny, when Komolika poses huge threat to her life at the orphanage. Prerna misses her daughter, who would have been eight year old by now. She meets Sneha by chance of fate.

She isn’t aware that she still holds a chance to find her daughter’s identity. She doesn’t realize that the girl she met is Sneha. She recalls the day when she got the shocking bad news of her daughter’s loss in the fire incident. She feels she couldn’t spend a peaceful day with her daughter. She wanted to spend her entire life with Sneha, her little angel. Her prayer gets answered when Sneha brings a smile on her face.

Sneha makes sure that Prerna keeps her gifted balloon, which she has made with much affection for her special friend. Sneha befriends Prerna and finds her really sincere, when Prerna’s honesty reaches her heart. Sneha enters Prerna’s heart by her innocence and selflessness. Prerna feels the girl is really good-hearted and special. She realizes that kids are always such, and misses Sneha a lot. She thinks Sneha was the best part of her life, which Anurag and Komolika snatched. She wants to give the pain to Anurag of their child’s loss.

Anurag isn’t aware that Sneha is assumed dead by Prerna. He is mistaken that Sneha is with Prerna, safely raised by Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. He is assured that his daughter is getting the best life, away from Komolika. Anurag misses his cutie pie, Sneha. He wishes Prerna and Sneha stay happy together. Sneha meets Anurag after meeting Prerna. Like she enters Prerna’s heart by his sweet gesture, her innocence touches Anurag’s heart as well.

Patiala Babes

Sneha isn’t aware that Anurag and Prerna are her biological parents. She meets them again by the twist of fate. Soon, Anurag and Prerna realize their connection being hinted by fate on meeting the same little girl often. The biggest revelation in the story will bring unexpected twists in Anurag and Prerna’s lives.



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