Zee Preeta Karan Kundali Shakti Upcoming huge twists

Zee Preeta Karan Kundali Shakti Upcoming huge twists

Zee Preeta Karan Kundali Shakti Upcoming huge twists Kareena tells Rakhi that Haldi ceremony will be completing soon, once haldi is over, the marriage will happen in the evening. She tells that once the marriage happens, then Preeta’s shadow will never fall on their family. Meanwhile, Preeta and Shrishti are aware that Mahira is the bad shadow casting on Karan and Luthras to ruin them.

Preeta knows that Mahira is obsessed with Karan, where there is no love, there can’t be happiness, Karan will never be happy with mad Mahira, he will be trapped in a bad marriage. She doesn’t want Karan to struggle in his marriage.

Shrishti makes her realize further that she is Karan’s legal wife and should ask for her rights on Karan to stop his marriage with Mahira. She tells that once the marriage happens, then Preeta won’t be able to save her love from Mahira. She urges to take some big step right away. Also, Sherlyn wants to get Preeta arrested some way by convincing Rishabh, but he blasts his anger on her since she is the one who always frames Preeta for every wrong happening in the house.

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Shakti Colors:

In a dramatic way, Heer feeds him the water. He gets away when the guards come on round again. She then waits for Heer to climb up to her window. Heer and Virat have food while shedding some tears for their separation. He tells her that their relation is strong. He ties her the Mauli, which a Baba had tried to his wrist with blessings. He tells that they will be sharing the Mauli blessings from now. She gives her gold chain to him and asks him to sell it to buy food for his living. He refuses to accept the gold chain. She insists him to take it.

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Preeto happens to come there and stops the lovers. Virat falls down and gets hurt. Heer decides to keep the Karwachauth fast and passes the message to Virat through Shanno. Virat and Heer are ready to keep the fast for each other. They are willing to die, if they get separated by family pressure again.


  1. Hi script writer of kundali bhagya.
    Please let the comeback of the show project some sensible results. Enough of trials and tribulations to the couples. Let the villains true colours come out and let the show go on nicely. Enough yaar


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