Colors Silsila Nandini Mauli Kunal Season 1 Revisited

Colors Silsila Nandini Mauli Kunal Season 1 Revisited

Colors Silsila Nandini Mauli Kunal complex love story The Silsila begins in the form of a love triangle between Mauli, her husband Kunal and her best friend Nandini. Maulo and Kunal live the best life together, happily married and enjoying their togetherness. Nandini chooses to support her love Rajdeep over Mauli’s friendship.

Mauli doesn’t like Rajdeep, but Nandini decides to marry him. Nandini then lands up in a troubled marriage. Rajdeep uses Nandini as a bait to get big contracts. Nandini gets to see his truth and becomes a target of his evil. Nandini turns helpless without Mauli. She can’t tell anyone about Rajdeep’s truth.

Soon, Nandini meets Mauli again and hides about her ugly marriage. Kunal gets suspicious about Nandini and Rajdeep’s relation. Mauli and Kunal are doctors by profession, very successful in their lives. They support each other all the time. Nandini faces domestic violence. Rajdeep gets more ambitious in business and is ready to abuse Nandini. Kunal gets helping Nandini on finding her in need of a rescue. Rajdeep physically tortures Nandini again and abandons her on the road. Kunal rescues her once again and gets her treated at the hospital. Nandini’s urgly marriage truth comes out to Mauli, who decides to take Nandini home.

Nandini grows inclined towards Kunal, after seeing the role of perfect husband he plays. She finds him very much kind-hearted, doting and loving towards Mauli. Kunal and Mauli empower Nandini for raising her voice against Rajdeep. Nandini finally divorce Rajdeep. Kunal spends time with Nandini to shoulder her in the sorrowful times, not realizing that she is becoming a part of his life. Kunal doesn’t want to cheat Mauli, but his emotionsl take him towards Nandini. Nandini and Kunal fall in love mutually. They try hard to control their feelings and avoid each other for the sake of Mauli, but eventually fall weak.

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Nandini tries to leave the city, but Kunal stops her upon learning her decision. He commits a marriage to Nandini, which would mean that he will have to divorce his loving wife Mauli. Mauli learns about Kunal and Nandini’s affair and is heartbroken. She files for divorce to keep her self esteem. She decides to move on in her life, soon realizing that she is pregnant. Kunal doesn’t believe Mauli’s pregnancy and thinks its a trick to get him back. He divorces her. Kunal and Nandini get married and also have a child. Mauli gives birth to her daughter Mishti, while Nandini names her daughter Pari.


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