Amber Nia Sony Rewind Huge emotional moment

Amber Nia Sony Rewind Huge emotional moment

Amber Nia Sony Rewind Huge emotional moment Amber ties himself up and drives the car. He gets injured and lands up in a hospital. Nia receives the shocking news and judges him wrong. He wanted to practice the drill so that he can help himself in loneliness in case of an emergency. Nia gets worried for Amber’s health issues. His doctor friend advises Nia to limit fried food in Amber’s diet.

Nia tells him that Amber can’t limit his diet, his life doesn’t have any entertainment and follows same routine. His friend asks her to take Amber to the new place. Nia brings Amber home and gets into an argument with him. Kabir leaves them alone for sorting issues. Nia is much depressed since Amber isn’t behaving mature. Amber acts more stubborn. He emotionally blackmails her even more. Nia gets angry and packs her bags.

She doesn’t want Amber to take her granted. He tells her that he wanted to check if he is capable to protect himself in her absence, he has to learn managing himself alone. He tells that he will practice the drill once again by tying less weight to his legs. Nia feels sorry about her decision to leave him alone in the old age. She recalls the childhood moment. She misses her mum, and realizes that Amber is both her mum and dad now. She wants Amber to not feel lonely, she isn’t going anywhere. She tells him that she can’t live with any fears now. She regards him the cure as well. He doesn’t want her to cancel her plans.

He promises to look after himself. He goes for the workout session with his friend. Amber tells Nia that he is trying hard to keep up his good health. Nia thanks him. She gets back to her work. She tells her friends that Amber is showing a good positive change. Shri doesn’t think Kabir can change ever. Nia gets her visa for the US. She gets glad and celebrates with her friends at Wenet, who wish her all the best.

YRKKH Lockdown Starplus

Amber and Guneet meet for the first time at his travel agency. They get into a bitter argument. Amber gets a wrong impression about her. She then learns that he is the owner of the travel agency. He refuses to give her any information about the driver. He is upset with the way she is acquiring the information. They get into an ugly moment. Amber gets saddened within that Nia is leaving. Nia overhears his conversation with Anjali’s picture. She gets emotional and thinks if she should call off her US dreams forever.


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