Kartik Naira Starplus Yeh Rishta recent highlights

Kartik Naira Starplus Yeh Rishta recent highlights

Kartik Naira Starplus Yeh Rishta recent highlights Kartik and Naira have supported Trisha when they took up her responsibility of her protection. Trisha comes on bad terms with Kartik’s cousins Lav and Kush. Trisha gets enmity with them for no big issue. Lav and Kush happen to be spoilt brats who take Trisha’s advice in a wrong way. Their ego gets hurt by her simple arguments.

They decide to teach her a lesson. The matter goes out of hands when Trisha slaps Lav for his misbehavior. Kartik and Naira learn about Lav and Kush troubling her. Lav and Kush come up with a timely apology. They make a big blunder of falling into Abhishek’s evil plans. Kartik is happy with the way Naira is looking after Trisha, making the latter feel like family.

Trisha doesn’t want to express her problems to Naira, knowing that Goenkas are Naira’s in-laws and the matter can get spoiled. Naira tells Kartik that she has promised Negi that she will look after Trisha. She treats Trisha like her own kid. Trisha gets molested by Lav, Kush and Abhishek on the day of her Independence day performance at Naira’s academy. Trisha runs away to save herself, and lands up in the hospital after meeting an accident. Trisha’s state shocks Naira the most. Naira gets into much pain on seeing Trisha’s state. Kartik and Naira receive a big shock on knowing that Trisha has been molested.

Unknown that Lav and Kush are responsible for it, Naira gears up with the big duty of finding the culprits and getting them arrested. Naira gets Kartik’s support in her big battle. Kartik and Naira face a really tough time after knowing that Lav and Kush are the culprits. A big search leads them to the culprits. A bigger legal battle with Goenkas goes on to get justice for Trisha. Kartik and Naira stand for the fight and present an example for the society by their dedication towards the righteous.

Dil hi Toh Hai Episode 1

The show has always given social message through the storyline. Recently, with the Covid-19 situation striking the world, the show has been proving to be the best again by giving precautionary guidelines to be followed in the lockdown. The Goenkas provide an insight into following the hygiene rules to fight the coronavirus.

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