Dil Hi Toh Palak in major dilemma Vikrant distressed

Dil Hi Toh Palak in major dilemma Vikrant distressed

Dil Hi Toh Palak in major dilemma Vikrant distressed Episode 4 Palak runs from her inner fears. She feels guilty to get close to Vikrant. Rithvik is always with her. She tells him that she is waiting for him, he should break out of coma. He tells her that she has moved on with Vikrant.

He asks her about her romantic night with Vikrant. She scolds him for his nonsense. Palak gets worried to think of her threatening words to Rithvik. She doesn’t want to give any false hopes to Vikrant. Rithvik’s treatment goes on. The doctors discuss about the risky procedure.

Doctor finds Rithvik getting conscious. Vikrant speaks to the specialist to heal Rithvik completely. He wants Palak to behave normal with him. Aman answers Vikrant’s phone and learns about Rithvik’s treatment. Vikrant decides to take the risk to cure him for Palak’s happiness. Reva thinks Palak has accepted Vikrant in his life. She informs Setu about their awkward situation. Doctor finds Rithvik missing. He wants to know where did Rithvik go suddenly after breaking out of coma. He thinks he should inform Rithvik’s family.

Vikrant gets disturbed that Palak is calling him Rithvik. He doesn’t want her to remember Rithvik when she is with him. She feels she is hurting his heart by distancing him. Setu is happy to share the news with Rohit that Palak has moved on with Vikrant.

Rohit wants Setu to think of their romance. She stays occupied with kids’ responsibilities. Doctor finds out that Rithvik has been shifted to the wrong branch for the risky procedure. He scolds his staff for the big blunder. Shivam reacts immaturely on knowing about Palak and Vikrant’s closeness.

He doesn’t want the family to scheme and play the cupid. Shanaya gets into an argument with Shivam. She wants Palak to move on. Ananya calms down Shivam’s anger. She tells him that Palak shouldn’t stay like a widow. Shivam tries to hide his affair with Ananya. Vikrant tells Palak that he gets many calls from the hospitals, but everything isn’t about Rithvik. Shivam gets into another clash with Vikrant. Palak learns about Vikrant’s blunder to shift Rithvik to another hospital for the risky treatment.

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Shivam blames Vikrant for putting Rithvik into the big risk. He scolds Shivam for planning everything to kill Rithvik. Noons show faith on Vikrant. Vikrant rushes to save Rithvik. Shivam doesn’t trust Vikrant. He accuses Palak for moving on with Vikrant and favoring him. Palak finally finds Rithvik. She gets delighted to see Rithvik conscious. She knew he will respond to her and come back to life for her sake. Rithvik’s comeback gets shocking for Vikrant.

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