Starplus Dahleez lockdown run expect Adarsh Swadheenta

Starplus Dahleez lockdown run expect Adarsh Swadheenta

Starplus Dahleez lockdown run expected Adarsh Swadheenta Star Plus brought the first legal-family drama series, Dahleez which ended after crossing the hundred episode mark. Dahleez was much appreciated by the audience for its unique story. It revolved around the leads Swadheenta and Adarsh and their love journey.

Set in the political backdrop, Adarsh and Swadheenta meet and fall n love. Adarsh is an IAS office, much honest and having a high legal status. Meanwhile, Swadheenta is an aspiring lawyer, waiting for a big case to get famous. She wants to gain name and fame, so that she can help poor and needy people in the legal battles. Adarsh and Swadheenta have the same goals, that’s to bring a positive change in the society.

They take up different paths for the purpose. Adarsh is groomed with good values by his parents, Suhasini and Manorama. Suhasini is a senior lawyer, who then works for Swadheenta on a tough case. Manohar is proud of his sons, Adarsh and the other two, Jaidev and Abhay. Jaidev and Manohar bring pride in the family as the bureaucratic officers, while Abhay is an IPS officer. Adarsh meets Swadheenta at a friend’s wedding. Love at first sight happens for him. He starts gaining information about her and becomes a passionate lover. He follows her and creates situations to gain a good chance to bond with her.


Swadheenta belongs to a Tamilian family. She stays with her uncle Haider’s family. Adarsh pursues Swadheenta and finally expresses his love. They develop feelings for each other while working on the same case. Adarsh gets support of his brothers and proposes her. He gets to know that Swadheenta’s dad is fixing her marriage with his best student, Jeevan. Adarsh also takes Bharatnatyam classes from her dad to win his heart. Suhasini also arranges Adarsh’s alliance with the girl of her choice, Vanshika.

Adarsh wants to avoid the engagement. Swadheenta finally confesses her love to Adarsh. They both voice their feelings and decide to marry. They try to convince Suhasini to accept their relationship. Suhasini doesn’t like Swadheenta initially, since she likes to oppose her always. Swadheenta promises to never interfere in the family matters when it concerns Suhasini and Adarsh’s bond. The love story completes with their marriage, but their life’s struggles don’t end.

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