Shakti Colors Choti Sarrdarni Upcoming Latest Preview

Shakti Colors Choti Sarrdarni Upcoming Latest Preview

Shakti Colors Choti Sarrdarni Upcoming Latest Preview Heer decides to keep Karwachauth fast for Virat. She takes help from her only support Shanno. She asks Shanno to inform Virat that she is keeping the Karwachauth fast for him and he has to meet her some how to break her fast. She wants to meet him outside the house and break the fast by sighting the moon and Virat’s face.

Shanno tells Virat and Nutan that Heer is determined to complete the fast, else she is ready to die without him. Heer makes up her mind to complete the fast and pray for Virat’s long life. Shanno asks Virat to surely come and save Heer’s life. Heer tells that she will not even drink water and stay fasting if Virat doesn’t react her.

She knows that her family will be posing hurdles for their union. She hopes that Virat melts her family’s heart. She isn’t aware that she is a kinner. Virat tells Nutan that he will meet Heer and break her fast, and if he fails to do this, then he will consume the poison and die. Heer and Virat become Laila Majnu, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for each other, knowing the fast that their families will never approve their marriage.

Virat asks Shanno to give his answer to Heer, that he will surely make the Karwachauth fast possible. He also keeps a fast for Heer’s love. Heer and Virat show passionate love like Harman and Soumya.

Choti Sarrdarni:

Meher fights for her life only to live with Sarabjeet and Param. Sarabjeet recalls the time when Meher expressed her wish to stay at the place where Param and he stays. He knows that she is a strong person and would come back. He reminisces their memories and turns emotional. She shows her intention to return to them and overcome the big problem. He has to decide to bring back Meher to life or favor her child.

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