Arnav Khushi Starplus love hate relation in IPKKND

Arnav Khushi Starplus love hate relation in IPKKND

Arnav Khushi Starplus love hate relation develops in IPKKND Khushi yells at Arnav in extreme anger. She tells him that he has not only hurt her, but also her family. He gets raged up when she accuses him for his wrong intentions. He stops her from accusing him. She bursts her anger. Both of them try to accuse each other. He tells her that he didn’t know about the building’s risky status.

He clears her misunderstanding. Khushi cries. He seems to get affected by her tears. He realizes he has hurt her once again unknowingly. She faints down. He feels bad for her, since he has put her in the danger unknowingly. He starts feeling for her. He thinks to drop her home, and relieve her family from the stress. Akash calls up Arnav and fails to connect to him.

Anjali is scared for Arnav. Manorama tells them that Arnav would have gone to marry Lavanya. Nani tells them that she will end her relation with Arnav if he marries Lavanya. She agrees with Manorama. She also thinks that he has gone to meet Lavanya. Arnav starts falling for Khushi unknowingly. Arnav brings her home. This stuns Bua ji and Payal. He asks them about Khushi’s room. Bua ji worries and asks him if Khushi is fine. Payal finds Khushi hurt. Bua ji asks him to answer. Arnav puts Khushi on her bed. She doesn’t leave his collar, even in an unconscious state.

Arnav feels guilty to see her family so worried for her. Payal yells at him for troubling Khushi so much every day in the office. She asks him how can he get so heartless. She cries for Khushi. She asks him if he couldn’t let go the old issues. She tells him that Khushi isn’t his enemy, that he is punishing her so much. Arnav tells Payal that Khushi fainted. Payal accuses him again for Khushi’s condition. He offers to arrange medical help. Payal tells him that he can’t treat her badly.

Bua ji tells Arnav that he would be Khushi’s boss, but she won’t spare him if he troubles Khushi again. Payal wants to rush and inform Shyam that Khushi has arrived. Arnav gets to hear this and wonders who is Shyam. Bua ji takes care of Khushi. He realizes his mistakes on seeing Khushi’s condition. It brings a tear in his eyes. Khushi gets conscious. He watches her from far and then makes a leave. Anjali informs her husband about Arnav and Nani’s argument. She asks him to come home and talk to Arnav about Lavanya. Her husband makes work excuses again. Anjali feels upset. She tells Manorama that her husband also looked worried.

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Manorama asks her to share her heart out. Shyam learns that Khushi came back home. He learns that Arnav has dropped her home. He finds Arnav’s car outside the house. He then gets to see Arnav leaving. He quickly hides from Arnav. Arnav sees Khushi’s broken bangle and regrets his actions. He doesn’t get to see Shyam there.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode S1 E28 Arnav Khushi Starplus love hate relation in IPKKND: 5/5
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  1. While reading this review I have tears in my eyes ?may be I didn’t get enough of them…Iam missing them badly…I love iss pyaar ko kya naam Doon?? Madly?


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