Colors resumes Choti Sardarni New airing from 27th April

Colors resumes Choti Sardarni New airing from 27th April

Colors resumes Choti Sardarni New airing from 27th April Colors has recently aired the promos of bringing the new episodes of Choti Sardarni in the coming week with the individual portions shot by all the actors, edited to form a sweet story. The story will not be connected with the current track, since Meher is lying on the hospital bed and fighting for her life.

She is critical and Sarabjeet is asked to choose either Meher or her child’s life. Sarabjeet is in a big dilemma over saving Meher. He decides to save Meher for Param’s sake, knowing she will always be supporting him in every decision due to their amazing understanding equations. Sarabjeet then thinks of Manav’s child, who was the only reason why Meher was alive after Manav’s death.

Sarabjeet wants to think what would Meher have decided if she was given this choice. He realizes that she would have saved her child first. Sarabjeet will be seen taking the biggest decision of his life by asking the doctors team to save Meher and Manav’s child. Still, the track of the hospital sequence, filled with high octane drama will be seen after the shooting begins.

The new episodes bring a video call sequence, filled with surprises and fun, while Sarabjeet sings for Meher and Param, connected to him through the video call. Sarabjeet’s bad singing shocks Meher and Param, who ask him to never attempt singing again. They share their day’s schedule and make new plans when they meet. Sarabjeet and Meher’s funny banter will be seen. Param innocently wishes that he gets back to his parents. The new episodes will be short. Colors’ Vidya and Shakti also brings similar video call scenes in between the old episodes. The channel is trying hard to keep the viewers entertained. Keep reading.

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