IPKKND Teej Special Starplus Arnav Khushi desmo

IPKKND Teej Special Starplus Arnav Khushi desmo

IPKKND Teej Special Starplus Arnav Khushi desmo Shyam finds Bua ji sleeping and tries to sneak out of the house. She wakes up and questions him about the parcel he is taking. He lies to her again. Khushi and Payal return home. Khushi complains about meeting Arnav at the temple. Bua ji asks if Arnav is after her.

Khushi tells her that Arnav is like a devil, but Anjali is a kind person. She tells about humble Akash. Bua ji asks her to stay away from Raizadas. Bua ji asks the girls to get ready for the puja. Shyam learns about Anjali and Khushi’s meeting. Anjali invites Lavanya for the Teej puja. She asks Lavanya to break her fast and also perform the puja with Arnav.

She suggests her to wear something traditional. Lavanya agrees to her. Anjali gets glad that Lavanya kept her word, the efforts may convince Nani too. Arnav and Khushi get to think of each other, while cleaning the sindoor from their face. Khushi tells Payal that she isn’t able to get rid of the thoughts of Arnav, whom she hates. Nani asks Arnav to be careful of the stains, since not every stain gets off easily. Anjali tells Nani that Lavanya has kept the fast for Arnav and coming to the temple to break the fast. Bua ji offers sarees to the girls.

Khushi gets delighted to get the pretty saree. Khushi tells Shyam that she is also going to the temple to break the fast, even Anjali is coming there. Shyam gets worried. Manorama tells Nani that she has told Anjali to keep the fast. Nani tells that Lavanya can’t keep the fast on her own. She doesn’t think that Lavanya is a nice girl. Shyam asks Khushi to go to other temple, which isn’t much crowded. He convinces Bua ji to visit the nearby temple. Manorama and Nani are happy for Anjali. Nani gifts Manorama for Teej, while Nani and Arnav present shagun to Anjali. Khushi gets decked up in the saree, leaving Shyam enchanted by her beauty.

Bua ji compliments both Khushi and Payal. She wants them to be smiling. She prays that they get married soon. She wishes Khushi to marry Shyam. Anjali gets delighted to receive Teej gifts from her husband Shyam. Anjali tells that her husband can never forget her. She goes to get deck up. She gets Shyam’s name written on her hands, after showing devotion towards him. She feels like worshiping him, being indebted to his love. Khushi likes the saree brought by Shyam.

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She teases him about his Rani Sahiba. Shyam tells Bua ji that he has to leave for some important work. Bua ji wants Shyam to be with Khushi. She tells that she will be handling things. He wants to return back to Khushi soon. Arnav happens to break Khushi’s Teej fast on seeing her faint down at the temple.

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