Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti’s emotional journey

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti’s emotional journey Shruti meets her counsellor. She narrates her story. She used to live with her loving family. She prepares for her interview. She tells her parents that she will plan for their anniversary. She is carefree and gets so busy in her life, that she starts forgetting her duties towards her parents. She doesn’t prioritize them. She makes a huge mistake of neglecting them, when they were just living for her.

Her parents stay concerned about her. They get upset after she behaves rudely with them. Shruti didn’t know when she was getting distant from them. Shruti gifts them a vacation trip for their anniversary. Her mum gets tensed to leave Shruti alone at home. Shruti promises to look after herself. Her parents stay connected with her on the video call. Shruti wants them to enjoy the trip. Shruti waits for her brother arriving home. She parties with her friends and ignores her mother’s calls. Next day, she receives a parcel, sent by her mother.

Her brother calls her up and informs about their parents’ accident at the landslide site. He tells that their parents are missing. Shruti gets too worried for them. She receives a gift from them and turns emotional. She misses them dearly. She goes to look for them. She doesn’t find them, while her search goes on for months. She just wants her parents back. She treasures their memories. She regrets to not answer her mother’s call that night when she was busy partying. She decides to fulfill their wishes and live her life like her parents wanted.


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