Qurbaan Hua Latest upcoming Chahat’s surprise for Neel

Qurbaan Hua Latest upcoming Chahat's surprise for Neel

Qurbaan Hua Latest upcoming Chahat’s surprise for Neel Neel is upset that Chahat had taken Golu to the doctor. She tells him that she wanted to cure his problem. She wonders how did he get a fracture. She tells that Saraswati has an internal injury. He tells her that he wants to see Saraswati’s reports. She tells that she doesn’t have the reports, its not stated in the medical file. Neel asks her what would they do.

She tells that they have to meet the doctor who treated Golu and know it. He calls the doctor. He tells that he is Saraswati’s brother. He wants to know about his nephew’s fracture. Chahat asks the reasons for the baby’s problem. Doctor tells that there are many reasons, it maybe some issue Saraswati faced during her pregnancy. Neil asks the chances for it. Doctor tells that such chances are less. Neel asks her to stop the drama, her dad is really the murderer.

Chahat accepts her mistake and apologizes to Neel. Chahat confesses to Vyas ji that Neel isn’t wrong, it was her mistake, she wanted to help our Neel. Vyas learns that Neel had right intentions. Neel had revealed to her the reason that Vyas has got distance from him. Chahat decides to bring them close. Neel wants to tell his dad the truth. His dad feels proud of him, that he kept his dad’s wish. Neel gets surprised.

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